VRChat is by far the most widely used virtual reality platform. Even so, it does collect just a fraction of the daily users of Second Life...
realdoll stories cover

The success of dolls as RealDoll grows and are not only used for recreational activities for adults: some men and women choose them as life partners.
Hogwarts Castle gingerbread cover

Hogwarts Castle seen in Harry Potter's saga becomes, thanks to the skill of the Duchess Bake Shop confectioners a gingerbread sculpture for a good cause.
virtual photography for flickr cover

Flickr's Ceo, Don MacAskill, explained: virtual photographers are real photographers, virtual photography is not spam. The new terms of service will also apply to them.
Mixer Twitch Youtube cover

Google (Youtube), Amazon (Twitch) and Microsoft (Mixer) share a rapidly growing market: that of video game fans who like to watch gameplay videos.

Virtuix, in partnership with Funavation, is launching a brand new virtual reality e-sports arena: VR Arena, a futuristic-looking arena features four individual VR set-ups each of which equipped with four Omni platforms
Halloween Cosplay 2018 cover

Halloween's night it's an unmissable event for young and great cosplay fans. Which of the characters that we show you would like to play at your door?

Facebook's users can now create and share in ther news feed 3D photos using dual lens iPhones. But there are still some technical limitations.