dj marshmello on fortnite cover

Dj Marshmello, aka Christopher Comstock, American disc jockey and musician, held a concert on Fortnite Battle Royale followed by over 8 million people. The...

VRChat is by far the most widely used virtual reality platform. Even so, it does collect just a fraction of the daily users of Second Life...

Kingdom Hearts III is coming with some patches and a bundle with a dedicated edition of the PS4. From Christmas those who appreciate virtual reality also have an interactive video of 10 minutes available...
Fnaf 7 Scott Cawthon cover

After the launch of Fnaf 6 a year ago, this year Cawthon announced the Five Night at Freddy's porting on different consoles and the development of VR and AR releases. The Fnaf movie still delays.
Mixer Twitch Youtube cover

Google (Youtube), Amazon (Twitch) and Microsoft (Mixer) share a rapidly growing market: that of video game fans who like to watch gameplay videos.

Virtuix, in partnership with Funavation, is launching a brand new virtual reality e-sports arena: VR Arena, a futuristic-looking arena features four individual VR set-ups each of which equipped with four Omni platforms

Coca-Cola teams with NASCAR to offer an interactive experience that racing fans which will allow them to be able to sit in the front row, access additional stats on players at any time.

Grammy Award-winning producer Darryl Swann recently founded a virtual reality game studio, Moshpit XR, soon to release its firt VR game, Mosphit, a VR music platform which will challange Youtube.