To pilot drones professionally in Italy you need to have a Remote pilot certificate (Rpc) or a pilot license, based on the weight of the drones themselves and the type of piloting...
Pimax 8K VR cover

Pimax 8K and 5K Plus are coming to markets. Performance at the top of the range but not exactly cheap prices for Chinese VR viewers. Here are the technical specifications.
Wallmart AR scanner cover

Wallmart decided to add AR Scanner for in store price comparison. This means add value to real world shopping experiences using AR technology.
Mixer Twitch Youtube cover

Google (Youtube), Amazon (Twitch) and Microsoft (Mixer) share a rapidly growing market: that of video game fans who like to watch gameplay videos.

The Wild finally opened the gates to its cloud platform for collaborative 3D design across VR and AR. It is an ideational tool for spatial designers which works much like Google Docs.

Grammy Award-winning producer Darryl Swann recently founded a virtual reality game studio, Moshpit XR, soon to release its firt VR game, Mosphit, a VR music platform which will challange Youtube.

Macy's expands its in-store VR program partnering with Facebook and Marxent. Virtual reality allows to expand furniture sales at its smaller shops, said the Us giant retailer.

The new virtual reality viewer Oculus Quest will be portable like the Go but more performing, approaching, even as price, to the Rift. The compromise might please many users.