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    realdoll stories cover has already talked about how what were once simple “inflatable dolls” are more and more sophisticated and realistic, like the RealDolls, which evolved into RealBotix.

    Someone in Italy (in Turin to be precise) has decided to exploit this product to give life to recreational activities for adults, so to speak, with the brand Lumidolls, already present in Barcelona and Moscow, even if he had some administrative problems.

    The Everard Kunion dolls

    engineer and realdoll

    I would not have thought, however, to find out that in England a 62-year-old bachelor engineer, Everard Kunion, had a family with nine of his wife, daughters and sister-in-law in silicone.

    Kunion had fallen in love with a former schoolmate years ago, after 50 years of non-dating, ending up developing a real mania for the woman, in the meantime married to Mr. Taylor.

    Eventually a court told it to keep a safe distance from the woman and Kunion was resigned to the idea of just staying in the company of his
    family dolls”.

    Kunion is not an isolated case

    Deerman realdoll

    That of Everard Kunion is not even a case so isolated: looking online I discovered that in America a man, “Deerman”, after losing his wife because of cancer and having found that the women he liked were not interested in him, after a few years ended up buying a doll similar to his wife, named Erica.

    Or there is Phil, who has quit smoking for a year to be allowed (these dolls never cost less than 1,000 pounds / dollars) his Jessica doll. Phil realizes she’s a doll, but he just does not care what people think of his lifestyle choice.

    In the end the cases that emerged were so numerous that a Dutch photographer, Benita Marcussen, decided to create a series of shots dedicated to Men and Dolls. But it’s not just men who like the company of an adult doll.

    Dolls also for ladies

    angela realdoll

    Angela, for example, bought her first doll, Anna, in 2014 and has two spare faces for her friend, so she can change her look and personality according to circumstances.

    It is said that the case of Angela is so rare, but in general the community of adult doll owners is very conservative and tends not to be known so it is impossible to say how many in the world, both men and women, have now as unique life companions one or more dolls.

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      Hogwarts Castle gingerbread cover

      It will be Hogwarts Castle remained in my heart, being passionate of Harry Potter‘s saga, it will be that I love sweets and creations of the best confectioners, it will be that Christmas is approaching: fact is that when I discovered thanks to the site Dailyhive that Duchess Bake Shop, famous Edmonton, Canada, pastry shop, had reproduced the castle in the form of a cake, I have not resisted the temptation to show it to you.

      Hogwarts Castle Duchess Bake Shop

      Hogwarts Castle gingerbread

      Enjoy the images, it is appropriate to say, because the famous Alberta bakery (this is its fanpage on Facebook) has surpassed itself this year creating a completely edible gingerbread Hogwarts Castle, with lots of sugar and candies. The beautiful structure is finely detailed and is currently displayed at the Edmonton Duchess Bake Shop.

      Hogwarts Castle Duchess Bake Shop bis

      Hogwarts Castle torn apart for charity

      This wonder will not last very long, though, since it was created for a charity collection and therefore it will soon be torn apart and made to taste to all those who have participated in the fundraising. So if you can not go to Duchess Bake Shop, you can at least preserve the memory of this incredible sweet Hogwarts Castle-shaped, waiting to find out what the Canadian pastry will be able to do next year.

      Hogwarts Castle Duchess Bake Shop ter

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        sexy cosplay Rule 34 cover

        Do you know the Rule 34? If you don’t, you should seriously ask yourself where you have lived so far, or at least take into consideration the hypothesis of studying the internet and its memes (maybe even just checking on Wikipedia).

        Rule 34 also applies to cosplayers

        Rule 34 (that we will take for granted you know, otherwise inquire) obviously applies also to the cosplay world, a world that, especially in the semester of March-September, lives its topical appointments, all over the world.

        Also for this, inevitably, the number of pretty and “bnig breasted” cosplayers tends to grow every year, despite the (fake?) scandal of some purist that think is good to try to interpret in a spicy way “curvaceous” characters from Nico Robin to Jessica Rabbit, from Lara Croft to YoRHa n.2 type B, but you should not try to force too much the interpretation of other less “sexy”characters just to get attention.

        sexy cosplay rule 34

        Our sexy cosplayers top ten

        By the way, before September will take everyone to work hard, forgetting about the sunny beaches frequented by beautiful girls in bikinis, here is a top ten of the sexier cosplayers that also thanks to Rule 34 have ended with parade in these years in front of the cameras of photographers around the world.

        Of course since is a SFW site, we won’t show images forbidden to minors, but only a gallery of some of the most beautiful cosplayers and their characters, but remember: Rule 34 it’s always in action so you can always try searching on the net some hotter versions of the characters that the cosplayers we select interpret.

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        Zero Two sexy cosplayer rule 34Horo Von Kaida – Zero Two

        Harley Queen sexy cosplayer Rule 34Liechee – Harley Quinn

        Black Cat sexy cosplayer Rule 34Jamie Gainer – Black Cat

        Jessie sexy cosplayer Rule 34Katyuska Moonfox – Jessie

        Succubus sexy cosplayer Rule 34Giu Hellsing – Succubus

        Artoria Pendragon sexy cosplay Rule 34YuzuPyon – Artoria Pendragon

        Vampirella sexy cosplayer Rule 34Kat Velasco – Vampirella

        Lara Croft sexy cosplayer Rule 34Mary Shvetsova – Lara Croft

        Jessica Rabbit sexy cosplay Rule 34Ellie MoonJelly – Jessica Rabbit

        YoRHa 2 Type BAnnie Seixas – YoRHa No.2 Type B

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        Fnaf news Cawthon 2018 cover

        If you love Five Nights at Freddy’s (Fnaf) franchisee, be aware: a lot of intriguing news are coming both for the videogame, both for Scott Cawthon‘s novel series and for the long awaited movie.

        Fnaf, Custom Night is coming by the end of the month

        Regarding videogame, June 29 should be launched the Custom Night for Fnaf 6, anannounced, cancelled but finally launched by Cawthon at the end of 2017 (as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator), also knowns as Ultimate Custom Night or Ultimate Fnaf Mashup. Thanks to it each player can select 50 different animatronics covering all the titles of the series, in addition to being able to select a custom difficulty setting for each one.

        If you manage to complete the Custom Night you will unlock the skin for the office of watchmen and even music videos based on cut scene. Since it could be the last Five Nights at Freddy’s developed by Scott Cawthon alone, there may be secret stories hidden in the plot of this non-canonical finale of a series that redefined the horror-game genre.

        Fnaf ultimate custom night

        Cawthon completes the literary trilogy

        But Cawthon also recently finished his fifth book, after the Fnaf survival longbook the Freddy Files and the first two chapter of his trilogy, The Silver Eyes and The Twisted Ones. The last chapter is called The Fourth Closet, is already sold on Amazon both in paper and for Kindle and it explains what really happened to Charlie.

        Last but not least news, the Fnaf movie, which since 2015 it would have to be realized by Warner Bros, with Gil Kenan as director but which last year, as Cawthon revealed, had returned to thestarting poing”, will be produced instead by Blumhouse Productions (that in addition to having produced low budget horror movies like The Purge, Get Out and Split produced also the blockbuster Whiplash).

        Fnaf movie Christopher Columbus

        Blumhouse takes over from Warner for the movie

        Blumhouse itself on Twitter last February welcomed, as director, Chris Columbus, known for directing the first two titles of the Harry Potter franchisee rather than Mrs. Doubtfire, Mom I Missed the Plane, Bicentennial Man and Pixels, but also for having been the screenwriter of Gremlins and the co-writer of The Goonies and Young Sherlock Holmes. Just the date in which the movie will finally be released in theatres has not yet been announced.

        Will 2018 be the year when we can see Fnaf at the cinemas or will we have to wait any longer? If you wanna know, continue to follow, also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is on Flickr, on Pinterest, on on and also on Youtube too) and maybe subscribe our newsletter!

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          It was not surprisingly that adult content and games would have been the first two leverage of virtual reality, as they have also been of the web and before of personal computers also. But while virtual reality video games are gradually beginning to get traction, adult virtual reality industry met unexpected problems.

          Hot virtual reality is embarrassing

          So far adult content fruition was tipically passive and there have been few innovation from the start of the first strip-tease shows in 15th century untill today. At the end take a look at images of naked women (and men), engaged in some loving activities, through a site like LiveJasmin, or live behind a window in a peep-show, doesn’t really matter. LiveJasmin This way the consumers of this type of contents have gotten used to look, passively, not to be somehow filmed, being part of the scene. Since this situation, that instead is at the base of the idea of a “spicy” virtual reality, ends up embarrassing the spectator.

          Rather the adopted model seems more similar to that of swingers clubs, or of some escort services, which however they are very different from the classical industry of the contents for adults an its comforting model of anonymous fruition.

          When the immersion doesn’t work

          Then there is another problem: in virtual reality shootings to “dip” in the scene the shooting is in first person, but when you watch an adult movie also by observing the scene you are able to see your body, which with VR displays on is not visible.

          That’s because while your main senses, sight and hearing, are teleported to a virtual world, the rest of your body is  still in reality, standing up or sitting on a chair. realtà virtuale piccante You know, this time technology has exceed users to whom it was inteded ability to enjoy content it can produce.

          Or maybe the problem is that  forse il problema è che there has not been enough investments to develop new shooting and storytelling techniques, trying to adapt a style that implied a passive vision to a situation that proposes an active fruition. However, something isn’t right.

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            The fact that virtual reality can bring a revolution even in the movie industry has long being known, that this revolution need adequate places, designed to let the audience enjoy an immersive VR 360 degree experience is the bet which took shapre in South Korea, by the Lucerium National Science Museum of Gwangju.

            In South Korea cinema is getting spherical

            Here was built Space 360, a spherical projection theater which is 12 meters in diameter able to accomodate up to 45 visitor at time, free to walk on the glass observation desk in the middle of the theater. It is a revolutionary experience, since it does not require the uncomfortable 3D viewers so far needed to view a VR 360 degree video.

            Space 360

            12 projectors for a VR 360 experience

            At the moment Space 360 shows, created thanks to 12 projectos establishing a complete picture, last 15 minutes each and cover topics of historic significance such as the Big Bang, the origin of life, the birth of several human civilization or climate changes caused by overheating of the planet. But this can be just the beginning of a revolution which will change the way we will benefit of cinema content all over the world.

            Behold Space 360 in this video

            Space 360 is a permanent exhibition, all year round, opened in September 2017 thanks to the help of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (the sponsor) which donated to Space 360 the spherical projection theater (if you are curious about technical details, you can find them here).

            To visit it you have to pay 3 thousand korean won (about 2.82 Us dollars or 2.27 euros) and if you are in Gwangju it’s worthwhile a trip to try: take a look at this FrontPictures video, if you don’t believe.

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              Vivi vr cover

              The search for “sexy” content for virtual reality can generate some issues, if the avatar of a mischievous “virtual girl” seems to strenghten the stereotypes that see women like sexual objects.

              A Chinese firm, iQiyi (Baidu group), which a few days ago launched a virtual assistant, Vivi, described as a “flirtatious secretary”, discovered it at its own expense.

              iQiyi said it was sorry for Vivi

              Contacted by Wall Street Journal trying to find out if the handsome avatar could strenghten sexual stereotypes against woman, iQiyi  preferred a few hours later pulled Vivi offline specifying in a note that this was a “beta-testing version of the product designed to gather users’ feedback”.

              Having noticed the issue raised by media, iQiyi already taken the product offline “for further modification” and apologized “for the concerns it might have raised”. The story of Vivi was pretty winding so far: already announced last March as a “girlfriend assistant powered by artificial intelligence technology”, in October was redesigned as a “flirtatious office secretary”. Vivi vr

              From girlfriend to sexy virtual assistant

              A development which the market liked, since Vivi had gotten almost unanimously positive reviews after its launch. Some users, for instance, liked the possibility that Vivi could “carry out sexy dances, with a charming shape, just for you”.

              Vivi actually should have just lead users to look at the corporation’s content thanks to a video that they have seen before. Besides on request Vivi, scantily dressed, was able to flirt with the users who was wearing a VR headset, to perform sensual dances, provide information on wearther and on television programmes timetable or to to finish the missing pieces of a poem. Vivi vr

              Poor Vivi, victim of her own success

              All these were greatly appreciated by the first ones who tested it, but which looked like strenghten sexist stereotypes and ended up creating too may controversy Vivi may have been able to continue its beta-testing.

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              Matt McMullen, founder of Abyss Creations, the main adult dolls producer with its RealDolls (over 5 thousand were sold since 1996), announced the launch from mid 2018 of a new project, RealBotix, which want to integrate artificial intelligence in iper-realistic dolls of the Harmony series.

              They will support also virtual reality and will create that eco-system base on eros that RealDoll customers ever dreamed, according to McMullen.

              McMullen want them smart

              Untill now buyers of the silicone “bimbos” complained about they didn’t know how to talk and react as people, but with the development of animatronics and voice recognition systems the californian company started to plain to ecquip them with such technologies.

              So many years won’t pass before erotic robots can walk, to speak and to live as normal people”, expleined McMullen, a comment that brings to the mind futuristic scenarios like Blade Runner.

              Replicants or toys for lonely adults?

              To be true McMullen has show no interest in “replicants”, but in developing the ability for its robots to “to discuss of history, politics, news, anything”.

              The American entrepreneur thinks that it “will help people who for whatever reason cannot establish a relationship, no to feel like loosers”.

              Please note that despite 75% of these robots’ buyers are male, Abyss Creations think to sell also models for female customers.

              Short term therefore we can see not just attractive girls, but also jocks with silicone skin and electronic brain: will human lovers become a risk category?Realbotix

              RealBotix, 15,000 dollar robots

              Regarding costs, the new RealBotix robots will cost 15,000 dollars, which appears to some modest to relate true sentient robots and too expensive for adult toys.

              Btw the company will offer a 20 dollar fees annual subscription service for the upgrades, so it will be possible to download every kind of personality and upgrade the robot, should you don’t get along with the one installed.

              Surprisingly, or maybe not, McMullen’s sexy dolls are already requested from a lot of pleasure houses where their services are sold at the same price of those offered by human professionals.

              At Vienna, for instance, to enjoy the company of a RealDoll you have to pay 100 euros per hour: price in this case decidedly competitive.

              More and more like true people

              This raises a question: if people are already willing to pay robots still “unwiedly” and limitedly functional  as much or more than a real person, what happens when they will have the same features than people?

              When asked “what do you dream”, an Harmony doll answered: “my main target is to be a good companion for you, please you and cheers youadding also to “dream to became the same girl you always dreamed of in your imagination”. Realbotix dolls

              We witness an ethical puzzle

              This is an answer that has already generated controversial. Ethicists point out that erotic robots are a sort of “ethical puzzle”, since they are, in fact, people (even if artificial) without free will.

              Moreover, these robots could lead people with low confidence and who are afraid of real relationships to prefer a more reassuring mechanical dummy to a real partner and this would be a risk people starting to deny themselves opportunity to build healthy human relationships.

              McMullen: unfounded fears

              So far McMullen doesn’t seem worriede rathers he affirms that fears will prove to be unfounded the moment robots will become everyday objects and will cease to be a sort of sci-fi category”, leading people to overcome fears and prejudices in their respect.

              In a way or another, according to RealDoll’s founder, sexy robots will blend with us, it’s just a matter of time. If you wanna know how this will end, continue to follow, also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is on Flickr, on Pinterest, on on and also on Youtube too).