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Those who believed that Sansar could become a Second Life 2 in virtual reality mode must change their minds, at least as regards the success of the platform that Linden Lab has developed to try to hook itself to the virtual reality train.

VRChat detaches all other VR platforms

According to the usage statistics of the different apps on Stream, that of VR is for now a market dominated by VRChat: the videogame (MMO) created by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey and released on February 1, 2017 that allows players to interact via avatar three-dimensional in a VR environment records between 7,500 and 10,000 users daily, after having touched a peak of more than 20 thousand users on January 13 last year.

In comparison, the usage statistics on Stream of other virtual reality apps are ridiculous: Rec Room ranges between 250 and 500 users per day, Bigscreen Beta is around 100 users daily, AltspaceVR between 10 and 20 users, as well as High Fidelity , while Sansar after the 75-76 users a day touched at the beginning of December (when it landed on Stream) fell around 20-30 users a day.

VRchat in VR

Is VRChat really the heir to Second Life?

VRChat is very similar to Second Life (or Habbo Hotel, or Secret Planet) and can therefore be considered an “heir“: each player can create his own virtual world interacting with other players through customizable avatars able to show emotions and movements. Moreover, even if the name can make you think otherwise, to use VRChat you do not always need to be equipped with a VR viewer, there is also a desktop version.

Of course, if you compare these numbers with those recently recorded by Second Life, where the concurrency remains around 50 thousand users, with a number of unique users who connect at least once a month that should be not too far from 900 thousand (which involves a number estimated between 30 and 80 thousand users per day), the difference remains conspicuous.
Second Life 2019

Comparison remains in favor of the world of Linden Lab

Considering that Second Life is celebrating its seventeenth birthday this year, virtual reality does not yet seem to enjoy such attractive prospects as to induce Linden Lab to unplug its first and most appreciated virtual world to try to pursue new glories.

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    Halloween 2017 cover

    Halloween seems to be the most valued holiday by producers and users of video games and virtual worlds: each year, already in the weeks priort to the holiday, whereas into houses, particularly in America, pop up decorations and carving pumpkins (if you like, in this gallery you can find some cool ideas) on Second Life, Sansar and High Fidelity it’s a rush to create events, contests and dark and creepy locations.

    Pianeta Segreto Halloween 2017

    Pianeta Segreto offers you a castle

    Is no exception to the rule even Pianeta Segreto (if you don’t know how Pianeta Segreto works, let’s we explain to you), which has scheduled in the main square, decorated for the occation with pumpkins and skulls, a themed party with zaby prizes, clothes, 500 rays at stake and the presentation of new Halloween themed objects, that will be addet to the panel, and of the new game “Scassa & Vinci”.

    Like this is not enough, on Pianeta Segreto launched two special contests (Mad Scientist Labor and Mad Scientist Outfit) for designers and stylists: at stake an “horror” castle for which you won’t have to pay rent.

    Horror movies and dances on High Fidelity

    On High Fidelity, where recently textures and meshes compression has impruved, cutting significantly the waiting time to load the scenes (on average from 21 to 7 seconds), first you will be able to watch an horror movie (from 4 to 5:30 pm PDT), then to dance in the virtual ballroom Spookytown (from 5:30 to 8 pm PDT).

    Halloween Town

    Contest and themed lands in Second Life

    We already told you about Sansar (which these days decided to extend to next January, 31, the free Creator test subscription) and its many themed locations and Halloween contest. We could also talk for a while about Second Life, because of the many themed contests and parties organized by the same users and creatives who for years drive Linden Lab’s virtual world.

    Btw, we just point out that also this year Halloween Town is brightest than ever and that you can join a decoration contesta based on pumpkins with 4 thousand linden dollars (about 15 US dollars) prizes. If you love horror, you should also visit Caderu and join the mini-game set up in the land or the photographic contest.

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    Movie franchisee Transformers is one of the longest running, since the first movie of the series (the animation movie Transformers: the Animated Movie) debuted in 1986, just two years after the debut of the cartoon produced by Japanese Toei Animation and Tokyo Movie ShinSha and the American Sunbow.

    China loves Transformers

    Over the years the Transformers (whose fifth movie, The Last Knight, will be released in Italian theatres on June, 22 and in American theatres on June, 23, while two further movies are scheduled in 2018 and in 2019) grossed over 3,7 billion dollars at box office all over the world, developing a fans’ community particularly strong in China.

    It is therefore not by chance if DMG entertainment and Hasbro decided to launch now amusement centers dedicated to the Transformers, able to offer an “highly-immersive, interactive” digital simulation experiences based on the Transformers’ universe both in virtual reality (VR) both in augmented reality (AR).

    The first of these centers (the sector of virtual amusement parks seems to have great potentialities in China for some years) should open in Shanghai later this summer, then the centers will expand to other China cities regularly over the next five years. Transformers VR

    Virtual reality centers and live shows

    The Transformers used for digital simulations will have the shape of the “Generation One”, still the most loved by fans of the whole world, but with a photorealistic rendering so to increase the digital experience immersivity. As reports a press release you will fight the evil Decepticons on Cybertron alongside Optimus Prime or have a driving experience with Bumblebee.

    In the same time DMG, together S2BN, is also working on a live show, Transformers Live, a cross between an action-adventure spectacle, a theme park attraction and a theatrical show, featuring shape-shifting robots, aerial stunts and large-scale special effects. A custom-built theater seating 4,000 will host the live show, so the experience promises to be really “mythical”.

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      Long Journey cover

      It happens to read about interesting locations on Second Life, Linden Lab‘s 3D social online platform. Recently Inara Pey talked about a small virtual location, Long Journey, just 7 thousand square meters where Yang (brand owned by the builder Sun2idea) recreated a small coffee-house, a railways platform, a cute old house-boat and many other creations some of which you can find on sale on Second Life Marketplace.

      Long Journey Second Life

      Visit Long Journey in Second Life

      I decided to make a visit to Long Journey and I must say I’m happy that I did it, even just to take some snapshots of the nice location that Sun2idea was able to set up.

      Second Life Long Journey - 2

      I hope that you like them and that they will lead you to visit Long Journey of your own, since as Inara Pey says, “creativity in Second Life doesn’t always require an entire region – Full or Homestead – in order to be realised”.

      Long Journey Second Life - 3

      I couldn’t agree more, therefore I reiterate the call to visit Long Journey in Second Life. By the way, you can even look up many of its details on its Flickr’sgroup.

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        new jessie cover

        [soliloquy id=”17082″]

        We revealed you some tips about how discover the coolest localions in Second Life also through social media and online communities. The best way remains however having a good network of relationships with fans of virtual reality / virtual worlds who can offer you so many cool ideas.

        Torley’s useful suggestions

        This is exactly what happened to me thanks to Torley Wong (aka Torley Linden), a former techno musician and current designer for Linden Labs, author of 400 tutorials and independent videos on Youtube, who on Flickr recently posted some images taken in a new sci-fi themed sim, New Jessie.

        New Jessie, sci-fi athmosphere

        Curious, I went to see it and I suggest to you to do the same: colors, atmosphere and details are fantastic and won’t miss to impress all the fans of digital graphics, since it could constitute a fine setting for fashionists and virtual photographers. To go to New Jessie you just have to push the teleport button below, have a nice trip!

        Teleport button

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          destination guide second life cover

          The most frequently asked question in Second Life (ok: the third most frequently asked, besides “wanna have sex with me” and “how can I earn real money in Second Life”), especially by users with a minimum of “seniority” as regards the use of Linden Lab‘s virtual world, is certainly: “do you know any cool place to visit?”.

          How can you find cool locations in Second Life

          To be true in Second Life there are a lot of places worthwhile a visit, even if periodically some ot these disappear, as recently happened to Insilico and Mount St. Michel.

          To pick your way, there are at least a couple of good ideas, besides following periodically the tips that you can find on

          Insilico destination guide second life

          The first way is the most simple: through the site or, once logged in Second Life, use the web search engine, go into the “Destinations guide” and you will find a selection of the coolest virtual locations divided into categories.

          Good ideas on Facebook, Flickr and Koinup

          If you don’t trust the judgment of Linden Lab, there are also many groups on Flickr devoted to the gathering of images from the most intriguing locations of Second Life.

          One of the most recent for instance is SL Tourist Board which requires to those who add a new image to add always the Slurl (i.e. the location coordinates, so you could reach it easily), another one is SL Places to be.

          Mount St Michel destination guide second life

          Even on Koinup you can find similar groups, like Second Life Explorers or like Evocative Landescapes where btw not always images are linked to location’s Slurl (but at that point you can looking for with Second Life’s viewer inner search engine).

          In Facebook, last but not least, there is the community Photograph location directory of SL where you will find a lot of good ideas. Now you no longer have excuses not to explore thousands of virtual locations still existing in Linden Lab’s virtual world, so what are you waiting for?

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            Cica Ghost Them cover

            Cica Ghost Them Everybody talks about virtual reality, but what kind of contents could be realized besides video games, to make this technology even more interesting? For instance 3D graphic art installations, as have already been seen in recent years in Second Life.

            Among the most interesting artists seen in these latest years it is pointed out Cica Ghost, whom I’ve already talked about to you by introducing her lovely Little Town. Now Cica Ghost returns surprising Second Life users and graphic art fans with a new project, “Them”, clearly inspired by Ufos. Indeed it’s about a giant Grey Aliens meeting, waiting to be carried on board of their own flying saucer.

            Cica Ghost and Grey Aliens

            It makes an impression sneaking around the somewhere island, in the pixels’ ocean of Second Life, where tens of giant Grey Aliens have gathered waiting to be back home, but careful scanning any casual visitors rattling around. I strongly encourage you to visit this beautiful installation, just clicking on the teleport button that you can find below.

            Teleport button

            Then if you are curious and wanna know immediatly what it is, you can simply take a look at this video of Guadalupe Vasquez below and get an idea. Have a nice view and as always spread this articol on your social, if you like it!

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            Star Trek 50 cover

            Star Trek is turning 50 years: the iconic sci-fi tv series debuted September 8, 1966 on Nbc, just to be cancelled after three seasons because of low ratings.

            Star Trek Beyond in the theatres

            star trek 50 yearsIt was a “false start” but it did not prevent through the years to become a cult series, so much that in 1973 there was a cartoon series and since 1979 a dozen of movie, the latest, Star Trek Beyond, debuted, July 22 in American theatres (in Italy debuted the 21st).

            There are a lot of events surrounding such an important anniversary, from the exhibition “Star Trek: 50 artists, 50 years” since July 24 at San Diego, California, ComiCon (it will be in Las Vegas from 3 to 7 August for the 15th annual official Star Trek convention, in Toronto fro 19 August to 5 September, in New York from 16 to 25 September and in Birmingham from 7 to 9 October), to live concerts and meetings with original cast members, up to a Caribbean cruise from 9 to 15 January 2017.

            A new television spin-off is coming

            Star Trek 50 trioThrough the years adventures of the original team of Enterprise spaceship of 23rd century have given way to five television spin-offs: Star Trek: The Next Generation (STNG) which descrive adventures of the crew of a new Enterprise a century after the original one, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) and Star Trek: Voyager set contemporary to STNG, Star Trek: Enterprise, wich instead is set 100 years before the original series and Star Trek: Voyager, set in 2370 on board of the Voyager spaceship.

            If this was not enough, from January 2017 Cbs, which owns the rights of the lucky franchisee, will broadcast a new Star Trek series which will introduce new characters in the wide fantastic universe of the series (just to let you know, untill now tv series and movies introduced 62 different Star Fleet spaceship classes). But in the hearts of all the fans even after 50 years the three icons are still them: captain James Tiberius Kirk, Vulcan Spock and doctor Leonard H. “Bones” McCoy.

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