Dee Dee Deepdene Cover

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Since 2007 Dee Dee Deepdene create amazing images in Second Life, mostly devoted to her sexy avatar. Judge by yourself her work thanks to our gallery.
World of details cover

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Melusina Parkin get back to show her virtual photos in Second Life, at Time Portal, with the exhibition A World of Details which I suggest you to go and see.
baobab studios cover

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Baobab Studios, VR and 360 degrees movies producer, has just raised 25 million dollars Series B round of funding to develop further VR contents.
burning man victor habchycover

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Il Burning Man è dal 1986 il festival più amato dai creativi d’America ed ha ispirato Philip Rosedale nel creare Second Life. Guardate cosa succede!
virtual archeology cover

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Should you invest in the development of contents that take advantage of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies applying to the Italian artistic and...
Cica Ghost Them cover

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Everybody talks about virtual reality, but what kind of contents could be realized besides video games, to make this technology even more interesting?...
Star Trek 50 cover

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Star Trek is turning 50 years: the iconic sci-fi tv series debuted September 8, 1966 on Nbc, just to be cancelled after three seasons...
TerryGold Windows cover

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Windows is the title of an exhibit at Solodonna Club in Second Life, dedicatet to the “photo shoots” of th Italian artist TerryGold; to...
Giovanna Casotto reinterpreted in SL - the show cover

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We already talked about the event promoted by Daxim Fall to involve Second Life users  interested in graphic art to reinterpret the sketches of...
Bjork Digital cover

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If you know the Icelander singer Bjork, you know that she is one to push the envelope when it comes to technologies and immersive...

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Half Life 2 VR cover

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On Stream a modders group announced: “soon” it will be possible to play Half-Life 2 eand its two expansions even in VR, without additional costs.
cosplay sexy cover