press kit press kit is a platform developed and maintained by 6 In Rete Consulting dedicated to virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, virtual worlds, creativity, startups and in general everything about the project of geeks, fans, developers, firms and institutions aiming to transform what is at the moment just virtual in a daily reality for our future. Moreover, is part of the Green Geek community and can offer you visibility on the web, on the main social medias and on our communities. numbers

Traffic January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016 (58,229 total pageviews)

mondivirtuali statistics 2016

Average session duration for is about 1.20 munutes in the last 12 months.

Our community

In the last 12 months 36,988 unique visitors saw; then there are those who follow us through the main social media.

In particular, we have 2,139 followers on Twitter, 1,044 organic likes on our fanpage on Facebook, 655 followers on Pinterest, 1.813 users in GPlus circles and 896 artist in our group on Flickr dedicated to the best images taken in virtual worlds and through virtual and augmented reality platforms, where already more than 57 thousand images are displayed.

Globally we have a community of about 43,5 thousand fans to add to Green Geek‘s 360 thosand fans community for a total audience of over 400 thousand fans. analytics

According to Google Analytics, 74.4% of’s fans are males, 25.6% females; our audience is young-middle aged: median age class is 25-34 years old (27.02% of total users); other most important age classes are 18-24 years old (24.25%) ,35-44 years old (20.69%) and 45-54 years old (17.93%).

This site is bilingual (Italian-English) and our viewers read mainly in: Italian (48.34%), US English (28.28%), Russian (4.05%), English (3.63%),  Deutch (1.4%), French (1.18%), Portuguese-Brasilian (1.14%) and Romanian (1.08%).

Visits to the site come mainly from: Italy (48.59%) US (21.02%), Russia (4.58%), UK (3.69%), Canada (2.51%), Germany (2.23%), France (1.32%), Brasil (1.22%), Netherland (1.16%) and Australia (1.06%).

Affinity categories to the site (in reach terms) are: technophiles (4.35%), movie lovers (4.04%), tv lovers (3,98%), shutterbugs (3,64%) and gamers/hardcore gamers (3,27%).

To connect to 62.22% of our viewers use desktops/laptops, 31,63% smartphones (constantly increasing), 6.14% tablets.

Our main acquisition channels are 39.77% through organic search on the web, 31.63% through socials, 22.48% thorugh direct links, 6.1% through referrals. We will soon start newsletter and e-mail campaign to further increase our traffic.

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