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    3D viewers for virtual reality, the Chinese come

    Interst for virtual reality (VR) is so great all around the world and in Asia in particular, where it could be able from immediately to develop consistent sales because of the high number of heavy gamers, that after the official launch of the first 3D viewers as Oculus Rift, Htc Vive and Samsun Gear VR […]

    3D viewers: battle among Oculus, Sony, Microsoft and Valve

    Just over 12 months ago Facebook bought Oculus VR (the company that develops 3D visors Oculus Rift) for 2 billion dollars promising a ever increasing spread of contents related to virtual reality, but to see in stores the first “retail” release of the 3D visor developed by Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe (which will be based […]

    Viewer 3 debuts in Second Life

    There is a new generation of viewer at Linden Lab: after a few weeks in beta testing the viewer 3 is from August 23, 2011 officially became the “default viewer” of Second Life. Among the main novelties of the new viewer 3 (please note that for a comprehensive list you can read here), until now not fully compatible with […]

    Are you a blogger and you like Second Life? Linden Lab has thought about you

    “Are you a Second Life blogger that is looking to expand your reach to a wider audience? If so, then you’ll want to consider opting in to join the new Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN)”. Linden Lab launches Second Life Blogger Network In this way Linden Lab started a discussion on its own community ( indicating […]

    Free VR movies heading to Youtube thanks to Tribeca film institute

    Five immersive movies focused on “the 5 elements of nature” The Tribeca Film Institute is releasing five immersive 360-degree VR movies selected as part of their “5 Elements of Nature” interactive program, beginning with Dreams of Jaguar’s Daughter, available now via Youtube. After holding an open call and receiving submissions from hundreds of filmmakers, Tribeca […]

    Holograms instead of animals at the circus

    The circus shows have fascinated generations of young and old viewers. But over the years the growth of conscience, environmentalist and attentive to the living conditions of animals, is increasingly reducing the possibilities for modern circuses to include shows with animals in their billboard. Circus Roncalli animal holograms A solution could be the one adopted […]

    Virtual reality no longer attracts, High Fidelity and Sansar need to be rethought

    Virtual reality is struggling to become a mass market technology. This is demonstrated by slow sales of the main viewers and consequently the limited development of VR games and applications. Those who have tried to exploit the hype with new VR-centric platforms such as Linden Lab with Sansar or High Fidelity with the platform of […]

    VRChat is the heir to Second Life

    VRChat is by far the most widely used virtual reality platform. Even so, it does collect just a fraction of the daily users of Second Life…