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    Superheroes of Adrian Tranquilli in Naples among classical myths

    How to approach ancient and modern art and to recall public of every age, creating a virtual path that connects the heroes of the ancient myth to the superheroes of the contemporary fantastic world? Naples succeeds in doing it with the exhibition “Days of Future Past” (the fans of the comics will have understood the […]

    Superheroes from virtual to real

    The world is full of movies, TV series, toons and comics dedicated to the world of “superheroes” (produced by Marvel, DC Comics or other smaller publishers rather than self-produced series maybe directly for the web as those distributed by ComiXology). That the“superheroes” theme intrigues and also attracts many artists is  equally true and is witnessed by […]

    Check your Legos, you could find a treasure

    Collecting Lego has returned more than investments in large-cap stocks, bonds and gold over the three decades between 1987 and 2015. This is the results of a research conducted by Victoria Dobrynskaya and Julia Kishilova of the Russian School of Economics. Online old Lego set go like hot cakes Wait before you start smiling, thinking […]

    Giovanna Casotto reinterpreted in Second Life, the exhibit

    We already talked about the event promoted by Daxim Fall to involve Second Life users  interested in graphic art to reinterpret the sketches of Giovanna Casotto, well known Italian author of erotic comics and water-colors. After the completetion of creation of avatar images inspired by Giovanna’s works, these days the artworks are displayed at the […]

    Giovanna Casotto reinterpreted in Second Life

    Second Life and eros: relationship is not obvious but it exists for a long time, being Linden Lab‘s virtual world attended by an over 30s audience over trentenne often passionate about photography or graphics who likes to experiment without limits also sexy themes. Daxim Fall prepares a journey in the eros of Giovanna Casotto Daxim […]

    Minecraft mods, here is our top 20

    Minecraft mods: here are the 20 most interesting ones that any fans should know, with related links where to download them.

    Sexy cosplay for all!

    Do you like manga, comics and cosplay? We thought to show you a selection of the most admired and sexy cosplayers in the world. Take a look!

    Martin Beck’s super heroes

    Martin Back’s superheroes are portraits of common people in superheroe costumes, but express the idea that all of us can be superheroes.