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    Luciana Pinazzo naked

    Here is Luciana Pinazzo naked for you. Naked and willing, naked and… But wait, stop stop stop! There is a deception, this is a trick: Luciana Pinazzo is not naked, oh no. Or rather, she is not as you might think if you have just clicked for the title (taken a cue from a nice […]

    Susan’s Diary, an horror labyrinth in Second Life

    Susan’s Diary, the horror labyrinth made by Sergio Delacruz at Delacruz Park, in Second Life, of which recently wrote, still draws hundreds of users, ‘keen to find out where it is the diary of little Susan, mysteriously died to that asylum where her should have been grwon up, educated and protected. A preview of […]

    Sergio Delacruz: Second Life changed my life

    Intrigued about the success achieved by the latest Sergio Delacruz‘s installation, Susan’s Diary, I visited Delacruz Park just one month after the opening of May 9, 2016 that you’ll see in this video. Not only I have found a still very crowded sim, but while I was taking photo of the run, an horror labyrinth […]

    Ela Darling: virtual reality will change adult contents

    Ela Darling, co-founder of VRTube, is sure: VR can free the distribution and fruition of adult content. That is it can let you stay free…

    Which social media for virtual fashion?

    Which is the best social media for the virtual fashion of users of platforms like Second Life? According to many blogs are not dead yet, others are on Facebook, others …

    Google censures Blogger: stop to hot contents

    Do you create or appreciate “hot” contents, no matter if real or virtual? Soon you may have to give up your favorite entertainment: Google has announced that from next March 23 will be censored “adult” contents created through Blogger (platform controlled by the famous search engine that manages the contents of the Blogspot blogs network). The […]

    Melusina Parkin’s wrong pics

    Melusina Parkin has a new exhibition on Second Life, entitled “Wrong Pics”. But they are not wrong at all…

    Meryll Panthar: photos not for everyone

    An outburst on Facebook for yet another case in which the signal of a user who is deemed “offended” by the images of another user is likely to involve the removal of the gallery of an interesting graphic dreamer. This time it was Meryll Panthar, many of whose works can be seen on the Mondivirtuali […]