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    Zuckerberg cuts Oculus Rift price, announces Oculus Go by 2018

    Mark Zuckerberg at Oculus Connect 4 announces the arrival of VR “standalone” headset Oculus Go at 199 dollars in 2018. In the meantime the price of the bundle Oculus Rift plus Touch controllers is cut to 399 dollars.

    Oculus Rift won’t be mass market, for now

    As announced, Oculus Rift opened January 6, during Ces 2016 its pre-orders of the first consumer release of its 3D viewers, but at a price much higher than the expected 350-400 dollars: 599 dollars (although they include two games: Eve Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale), to which you risk having to add at least other 949 […]

    Oculus Rift presented Henry

    Oculus Rift like Pixel: a few days agoo Oculus Rift premiered to the press, in Beverly Hills, its animated short, Henry, an adorable hedgehog who likes to hug friends. Too bad for Henry that being, literally, a thorny colleague this creates some problems ending up leaving Henry sad and without friends so that, as you […]

    Oculus Rift bought Surreal Vision

    It ‘s been just over a year after the acquisition of Oculus Rift by Facebook for 2 billion dollars and while we are waiting for the debut on the market of the first “retail” version of namesake 3D viewer, which should cost around 1,500 dollars, the company founded by Palmer Luckey (to whom Total Recall Technologies […]

    Utherverse renewed with Oculus Rift

    Utherverse (Red Light Center) announced that its platform will soon run also with Oculus Rift, so to have a genuine VR experience.

    Facebook buy Oculus Rift

    Virtual worlds again becoming a “hot” topic for investors? For sure in a few hours some announcements have shaken the field of virtual reality: if the former creator of Second Life, Philip Rosedale, raised 2.5 million dollars from True Venture for his new startup, High Fidelity of which we have already spoken, Luxottica signed a partnership with Google to “design, develop and deploy a new generation of glasses for Glass”. But the big shot […]

    Second Life restart with Cloud and Oculus Rift

    The decision to outsource the development of new products and services seems likely to be the hallmark of the strategy with which Linden Lab tries to turn the page: a few days ago it was announced the launch of SL Go OnLive, an announcement that seems to confirm, after the decision to discontinue the development of some products such as dio, Versu and Creatorverse, the decision to focus more […]

    Oculus Quest is coming next spring

    The new virtual reality viewer Oculus Quest will be portable like the Go but more performing, approaching, even as price, to the Rift. The compromise might please many users.