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    Virtual reality no longer attracts, High Fidelity and Sansar need to be rethought

    Virtual reality is struggling to become a mass market technology. This is demonstrated by slow sales of the main viewers and consequently the limited development of VR games and applications. Those who have tried to exploit the hype with new VR-centric platforms such as Linden Lab with Sansar or High Fidelity with the platform of […]

    High Fidelity is the first social VR platform ready for Vive Focus Plus

    Last February, Htc Vive announced the launch by the end of second quarter 2019 of Vive Focus Plus, a standalone VR system for enterprise applications. Last week, Philip Rosedale (formerly the “daddy” of Second Life) announced that High Fidelity is working with Vive to make its open source VR platform available to the Plus. First […]

    Virtual worlds: High Fidelity vs Sansar

    What virtual worlds are for? An univocal answer has yet to be established, as the different visions of High Fidelity and of Sansar about it demonstrate.

    High Fidelity works on avatars and contents

    High Fidelity, the new startup founded by Philip Rosedale, already cofounder of Linden Lab and Second Life “daddy”, continues in its experiments preparing for the arrival on the market of the first virtual reality devices in 2016. When you think of virtual reality you generally think of 3D visors as those of Oculus Rift or […]

    High Fidelity hires Bailenson and Perlin

    Even High Fidelity is hiring new experts in animation and human virtual interaction. But still the virtual world preferred by people is Minecraft, with its cubes…

    High Fidelity raises other 11 million dollars

    Philip Rosedale has not lost the his magic touch, at least with regard to the ability to attract funding. As was also highlighted by Techcrunch the former founder of Linden Lab and co-creator of Second Life raised other 11 million dollars for his latest startup, High Fidelity, in a round led by dal venture found Vulcan Capital […]

    High Fidelity: what does Rosedale wanna do?

    In the same moment when Facebook announced he acquisition of Oculus Rift and Palmer Luckey explained that the move was believed to be essential to make viral the virtual reality technology, destined to become in the next 10 years, according to the Oculus team, “ubiquitous, affordable, and transformative” starting from “a truly next-generation gaming experience”, there was a man who […]

    Cloud Party Closes, High Fidelity Opens

    Cloud Party will be online untill 21 February 2014, then it will be integrated in Yahoo! according to an announcement in a statement the company born in San Jose, California, from “ex Cryptic” as Sam Thompson, Conor Dickinson, Jimb Esser and Jered Windsheimer, whom with the art director Garin Mazaika formed so far the team that developed the 3D engine designed to enable the development of a free online virtual world,  multi-player, real-time and able to run directly through a […]