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    Halloween: cosplay or treat?

    Halloween’s night it’s an unmissable event for young and great cosplay fans. Which of the characters that we show you would like to play at your door?

    Halloween: Secret Planet and other virtual worlds are ready

    From Secret Planet to Sansar, from High Fidelity to Second Life, Halloween rules: it’s the holiday that seems the most valued by producers and users of virtual worlds and video games…

    Paranormal Investigation: in Sansar is already Halloween

    An haunted house full of rooms plunged into the darkness, with strange noises and paranormal hauntings suddenly appearing: with Paranormal Investigation in Sansar is already Halloween.

    VR Halloween Ride, download and enjoy!

    With VR Halloween Ride and an entry level headset like VR Box 2.0 this year you can try a funny VR experience to celebrate Halloween with family

    10 Halloween pumpkins

    At Halloween pumpkins are not just pumpkins, but come to life thanks to the creativity of some artists to become spirits and characters in the fantasy world of fairy tales. Halloween’s pumpkins remember Jack o’ Lantern At Halloween pumpkins remember Jack o’ Lantern, according to legend, an Irish blacksmith stingy but cunning that one day […]

    Halloween 2015 is coming

    Halloween 2015 is coming and like every year fills up with decorations real world and virtual ones, or digital if you prefer. In shops, not just sweets, is already swarming with carved pumpkins, fake cobwebs, skulls, bats and ghosts, on Pinterest the number of costumes and carved pumpkins growing constantly and on Second Life the […]

    Halloween photo contest for Second Life

    A “to be afraid” photo contest, that giving away 19 thousand lindens (about 63 euro at current exchange rates of of which 5,000 will go to the winner, 3 thousand to the runner up and 1,000 to the third place along with a “Grand Prix” of10 thousand euros. This is the proposal of Linden Lab […]

    Even Utherverse celebrates Halloween

    It’s not only Second Life to prepare itself to celebrate Halloween: even Utherverse, the “adult” virtual world (tecnically a massively multi-player online game, or MMO) with over 22 million registered players last June for Kzero created in 2003 by Brian Shuster, already known in Nineties as the “pop-up prince” (having invented banners an pop-up advs […]