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    Halloween: cosplay or treat?

    Halloween’s night it’s an unmissable event for young and great cosplay fans. Which of the characters that we show you would like to play at your door?

    10 great Rule 34 cosplayers

    You are fans of cosplay? Perhaps you should thank Rule 34 if the popularity of “sexy” characters is growing among cosplayers all over the world.

    Cosplay: the materials to create your costumes

    If you love cosplay, you may wonder how to create fantastic costumes and accessories. Let’s examine what are the most commonly used materials.

    Sexy cosplay for all!

    Do you like manga, comics and cosplay? We thought to show you a selection of the most admired and sexy cosplayers in the world. Take a look!

    Hot Summer for virtual worlds and cosplay

    Record numbers in August for despite the natural decline in entering new content, accomplices a couple of weeks off, according to statistics that come from the servers of (our host), this site was able to attract in August more than 22 thousand visits, or a total of 391,112 pageviews, equal to an average of 12,616 daily pageviews (or 710 daily […]

    Comicon turned 20 years

    Started in 1998, Neaple’s Comicon turned 20 years with 2018 edition, from April 28 to May 1st, with comics, videogames, cosplayer, wargames and much more

    10 most read articles on in 2015

    Do you wanna know which were the 10 most read articles on in 2015? We please you right away, but first of all we wanna poin out as the international traffic on the site grew significantly last year, so that seven on ten most read articla on the site are in English vs three […]

    Carrara Show opens for toons and games

    The world of comics continues to gain more and new audiences: after the success of events such as Lucca Comics & Games and Napoli Comicon (but already events dedicated to comics are held all over the country, from Turin to Cagliari, from Venice to Catania), even Carrara opens its doors to toons and games fans with […]