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    Digital Comics

    Long before the emergence of 3D technology and online virtual worlds, or video games, fantastic characters and worlds have been proposed to a worldwide audience by great science fiction writers such as Giles Verne or by novelists such as Arthur Conan Doyle, able to hit so much the imagination of their readers to become source of inspiration for a lot of movies and television series […]

    Sansar will host live VR comedy series

    Sansar partnered with famous youtuber Steve Hofstetter to broadcast a new event series called “Comedy Gladiators: a Virtual Comedy Experience” so to try to monetize live events on VR platform.

    The latest John Carpenter’s tales brought to life with AR

    For Halloween 2018, the Tales for a HalloweeNight vol. 4 is releasing a special augmented reality experience. But to unlock this AR gift you need to have a copy of 2018 NYCC version of the book

    Comicon turned 20 years

    Started in 1998, Neaple’s Comicon turned 20 years with 2018 edition, from April 28 to May 1st, with comics, videogames, cosplayer, wargames and much more

    Social networks, here are the emerging ones

    The story of 50 million Facebook profiles stolen reproposed the request for social network alternative to that of Mark Zuckerberg. Here are three emerging ones…

    MDHR get lucky thanks to Cuphead

    After a lot of work, MDHR Studio get lucky thanks to CupHead, with over a million unit sold in a few days. So many reasons of interest, besides the graphics.

    Playstation VR is ready, try it in preview

    All is ready in Milan for the “test drive” of the Playstation VR, Satuday September 24 and Sunday September 25 2016, from 10.30 to 19.00, at the PlayStation Dome of Via Tortona 31. PlaystationVR is the new virtual reality platform developed by Sony for its PlayStation 4 console that allow the player to be directly […]

    Giovanna Casotto reinterpreted in Second Life, the exhibit

    We already talked about the event promoted by Daxim Fall to involve Second Life users  interested in graphic art to reinterpret the sketches of Giovanna Casotto, well known Italian author of erotic comics and water-colors. After the completetion of creation of avatar images inspired by Giovanna’s works, these days the artworks are displayed at the […]