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    Colpo Wrexler Tower

    New hit for Colpo Wrexler, whom if you follow know was one of the founders of Itland in March 2007 together with Luigi Vandeverre and Stizzo Undset (who then abandoned the project in July 2007) and whom from time specialized through the project Digital Cult Lifestyle in the building of private mansions and minimal […]

    Sansar is open, VR Cult inaugurates its first exhibition

    Curiosity is great but the numbers (especially VR mode) remain small for Sansar, the new Linden Lab’s platform where Colpo Wrexler with VR Cult has already opened and exhibition space.

    Linden Lab cuts Sansar staff, what kind of future will have VR?

    Virtual reality continues to see industrial and niche (for instance in the museum sector) application grow, but it remains a little compelling for the mass entertainment market. Linden Lab takes note of this and according to the New World Notes blog, it fires 20 of the employees working on the Sansar project. Sansar, from enthusiasm […]

    Let’s visit Ready Player One set in Sansar

    I had the chance to visit Ready Player One Aech’s garage virtually rebuilt in Sansar using a virtual reality viewer. Here’s what I discovered and my feelings.

    Visit an ancient Egyptian tomb in Sansar

    One of the first experiences that you can already try in Sansar, the new Linden Lab’s virtual reality platform, is an ancient Egyptian tomb. These are our very first impressions.

    August, time to draw up balances

    Summer means vacation time but also for drawing up balances and that of can be said to be positive. We do not normally indulge in praise, but being able to present our project at the july Kublai Award in Rome (after running the risk of not even finish the presentation because of the amount of work we have to do […]

    Professions in Second Life

    How to transform the limits of Second Life into an opportunity to reflect on what has been in recent years? With coolness and decision. Background: in these weeks Baby Pooley, aka Ivonne Citarella (CNR researcher that I met in person at Vesuviocamp) is presenting in SL the results of her research book, “Second Life tra opportunità professionali, gioco […]

    Duran Duran on stage

    We, who in the Eighties shared us between Duran Duran fans and Spandau Ballet supporters… No, I won’t make you a nostalgic list of music groups, movies, football teams and collections of figurines or toys that have gladdened my youth, but report as Duran Duran, grouped in 1978 and made famous by the original lineup of Nick Rhodes, John […]