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    Bryn Oh orphans in Second Life

    Bryn Oh, Canadian artist for years active on the Linden Lab virtual reality platform, proposes a new artistic exhibition that deserves to be visited

    Bryn Oh awarded for an artwork in VR

    Bryn Oh, the Canadian artist who, in recent years, creates works of art using the virtual world of Second Life, was again awarded by Canadian government for her artistic projects. Bryn Oh the same, in her blog, referred to “have just been informed that I am one of the 17 who received a new grant […]

    Crowdfunding for Bryn Oh

    In times of crisis can crowdfunding be a real alternative to finance a credible project in such fields as art, games, music, movies or web? It seems so and it would seem that it can be forsome individual projects that niche of the web called virtual worlds. A niche that still has a stable interest by artists, graphic designers, film makers and creatives in general, although so far failed to become that “mass” […]

    Bryn Oh at Mic

    Is ongoing until October 12, 2011 at the island of Mic (Musei in Comune Roma) the artistic installation “Family Unit” of Canadian artist known as Bryn Oh in Second Life, about which spoke even the Italian edition of Vogue in an article in which Simona Lamonaca recalls how Bryn (in RL a painter in Toronto) has recently received a scholarship from the Canadian government aimed at the continuation of her “virtual” artistic trail already known to the general public through the success […]

    Bryn’s murders

    Why Second Life? Because is a platform that allows not only to create but to share contents created by others, contents from art to role-playing, contents created through a 3D graphics which in itself is not the absolute “top” graphics technology (no more at least), but it is accessible to a very large number of users since over five years and continues to attract content creators and artists from around the world. I was thinking about […]

    The Last Travel of Imogen

    I must confess, I had to wait the post of Bryn Oh about the closing, in the next weeks (I think for the end of October), of the exhibition Imogen and the pigeons, opened at early 2013 in Second Life, arter having attracted over 50 thousand visitors from all the world, to finally find time […]

    Claudia222 Jewell meshes

    Started in early February, closed in these last hours the exhibition of the artist Claudia222 Jewell, “Spirit”, at Art Screamer sim, in Second Life. An installation made entirely of meshes (as in meshes was the free gift that the artist has made available to all visitors), elements that Claudia, an artist able to generate the “wow effect” since her first installation (“Parallel Worlds”, hosted in Farstar New […]

    Professions in Second Life

    How to transform the limits of Second Life into an opportunity to reflect on what has been in recent years? With coolness and decision. Background: in these weeks Baby Pooley, aka Ivonne Citarella (CNR researcher that I met in person at Vesuviocamp) is presenting in SL the results of her research book, “Second Life tra opportunità professionali, gioco […]