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    Philip Rosedale is back in Second Life

    Sometimes they come back: “I‘m up early, hanging out in SL if anyone wants to come chat”. This short tweet was from Philip Rosedale. A Philip Rosedale tweet calls SL users This simple tweet published at 14:29 Italian time (6.29 in San Francisco) on 6 August last by the former co-founder of Second Life, or […]

    What does Philip Rosedale wanna do?

    In the same moment when Facebook announced the acquisition of Oculus Rift and Palmer Luckey explained that the move wasbelieved to be essential to make the viral virtual reality technology,destined to become in the next 10 years, according to the Oculus team, “ubiquitous, affordable, and transformative” starting from “a truly next-generation gaming experience”, there was a manwho a few years ago had used almost the same words […]

    Rosedale: not even Facebook can run 50 million servers

    According to Philip Rosedale, already founder of Second Life and now busy with High Fidelity, to connect 1 billion people in VR would take 50 million servers…

    Rosedale: I was wrong with Second Life

    Philip Rosedale continues to believe (and to try, with High Fidelity), but so far virtual worlds have failed to take hold in the mass market. Second Life in particular, still active but linked to a niche of just a million active users all over the world, has failed, as the same Rosedale told GeekWire site after […]

    Rosedale and Altberg at Vwbpe 2014

    It was held 9 to 12 April 2014, the seventh edition of Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (Vwbpe 2014) conference, which each year brings together some of the most qualified experts in the world in the field of immersive virtual worlds to talk about the future developments of the major platforms and their uses in education. There were many key notes, but all eyes were mainly for two stars of the first magnitude as Philip Rosedale and Ebbe […]

    High Fidelity: what does Rosedale wanna do?

    In the same moment when Facebook announced he acquisition of Oculus Rift and Palmer Luckey explained that the move was believed to be essential to make viral the virtual reality technology, destined to become in the next 10 years, according to the Oculus team, “ubiquitous, affordable, and transformative” starting from “a truly next-generation gaming experience”, there was a man who […]

    SL7B: Philip Linden talks

    Second Life comes to the seventh birthday (SL7B) with headlines all focused on the recent wave of dismissals and the apparent abandonment of the directions taken more recently (as with the viewer 2). Not an easy period for the Californian company, whose founder, Philip Rosedale (aka Philip Linden, now president and no longer only operational roles within the […]

    10 great pictures of the Burning Man, festival which inspired Second Life

    Il Burning Man è dal 1986 il festival più amato dai creativi d’America ed ha ispirato Philip Rosedale nel creare Second Life. Guardate cosa succede!