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    With HTC Vive VR juries will enter into crime scenes

    As Bbc reported a Staffordshire University project has experimented how to transport jurors into virtual crime scenes by using green screens, virtual reality headsets like HTC Vive and technology from gaming, engineering and computing. With HTC Vive into the crime scenes The project, lead by associate profressor of Forensics, Dr Caroline Sturdy Colls, is the […]

    Bmw uses Htc Vive VR to develop new vehicles

    In the wake of “dieselgate” scandal, the news crews out without too much noise, yet it is one of those sufficiently clear to let understand the areas that open up to professional use of the virtual reality (VR) devices. Bmw at the beginning of April announced that it will use Htc Vive VR headsets and […]

    HTC Vive comes on the market, in 10 minutes sent 15,000 kits

    Historic week for Valve and HTC: Monday, February 29 began shipping the consumer version of the 3D viewer for virtual reality HTC Vive which uses Steam VR system, whose pre-orders as expected were launched at the end of February, while the full commercial availability remains fixed at the beginning of April. The kit being sent […]

    HTC Vive, pre-orders will start from February 29

    Virtual reality: many now know what it is, few have tried it for now, but 2016 could be a good year to spread this experience, on the one hand thanks to devices such as Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, on the other hands thanks to 3D viewers like those of Oculus VR and Valve, […]

    Htc presents Vive Standalone, designed for China

    Vive Standalone is not the VR viewer Htc pre-announced last year, but a new product specifically designed for the chinese market. Still unknown the selling price.

    ViveX: Htc accelerates 23 startups related to virtual reality

    Htc, Taipei consumer electronics producer, strongly believes in virtual reality’s success. That’s why Htc, already known for the Htc Vive VR viewer, announced at China International Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference 2016 to have selected the first 23 startups which will join the ViveX $100 million scheme annonced last April. ViveX: 23 startups from 1,200 applications […]

    High Fidelity is the first social VR platform ready for Vive Focus Plus

    Last February, Htc Vive announced the launch by the end of second quarter 2019 of Vive Focus Plus, a standalone VR system for enterprise applications. Last week, Philip Rosedale (formerly the “daddy” of Second Life) announced that High Fidelity is working with Vive to make its open source VR platform available to the Plus. First […]

    Vive Focus app turns your living room into a dance floor

    Beat Reality is an app developed for Vive Focus, so far available only for the Chinese market, but could soon be accessible to western audiences. It turns your living room into a dance floor, litterally.