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    Ebbe Altberg, Eric Bono: virtual reality is a paradigm change

    The media hype related to virtual reality is now clearly visible, but reagarding the “stunning” possibilities of this technology there is still a lot of uncertainty among the experts. A confirmation has come from a television interview (you can watch it following this link) run by Emily Chang for Bloomberg Business to Ebbe Altberg, Linden […]

    Altberg presents Project Sansar

    Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab Ceo, is sure that the virtual reality will feature, as already happened with platforms like Second Life, user-generated content. Speaking at Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference (SVVR) Altberg, short hair and black shirt Steve Jobs like, reiterated some points: . the new platform to which Linden Lab has been working for about a year […]

    Altberg: just don’t call it SL2.0

    It‘s been a year since at Vwbpe (Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education) Linden Lab Ceo, Ebbe Altberg (aka Ebbe Linden), listed the limits of Second Life, admitting that it was necessary to make “easier for normal consumers to use” the platform, many subcomponents of which appeared not to be “great”. This year, in his speech at […]

    Rosedale and Altberg at Vwbpe 2014

    It was held 9 to 12 April 2014, the seventh edition of Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (Vwbpe 2014) conference, which each year brings together some of the most qualified experts in the world in the field of immersive virtual worlds to talk about the future developments of the major platforms and their uses in education. There were many key notes, but all eyes were mainly for two stars of the first magnitude as Philip Rosedale and Ebbe […]

    Linden Lab still invests on Second Life

    Ebbe Altberg dispells fears that Sansar opening could prelude an abandon of Second Life by its creator. Linden Lab, instead, announced a set of new investments.

    Virtual reality no longer attracts, High Fidelity and Sansar need to be rethought

    Virtual reality is struggling to become a mass market technology. This is demonstrated by slow sales of the main viewers and consequently the limited development of VR games and applications. Those who have tried to exploit the hype with new VR-centric platforms such as Linden Lab with Sansar or High Fidelity with the platform of […]

    Sansar will host live VR comedy series

    Sansar partnered with famous youtuber Steve Hofstetter to broadcast a new event series called “Comedy Gladiators: a Virtual Comedy Experience” so to try to monetize live events on VR platform.

    Virtual worlds: High Fidelity vs Sansar

    What virtual worlds are for? An univocal answer has yet to be established, as the different visions of High Fidelity and of Sansar about it demonstrate.