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    Chris Tower Dae portraits

    There are artists who specialize in a theme or style and seldomly leave it and this is the case of Chris Tower Dae, probably the best known Italian portrait photograph who uses Second Life and virtual worlds as a tool to carry outworks which resemble the photos of famous photographers like Richard Avedon, well known for being able to […]

    Visit an ancient Egyptian tomb in Sansar

    One of the first experiences that you can already try in Sansar, the new Linden Lab’s virtual reality platform, is an ancient Egyptian tomb. These are our very first impressions.

    KirstenLee at work

    Busy week for KirstenLee Cinquetti, Anglo-Dutch “resident” (born in Hayle, now living in Rotterdam, that you can see in a portrait made by ChrisTower Dae) partner in SL (and in RL, which is one of the few details known about KirstenLee, who once said to Hamlet Au: “Honestly you don’t wanna know what I do in real life. I work for whoever pays, live […]