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    3D viewers for virtual reality, the Chinese come

    Interst for virtual reality (VR) is so great all around the world and in Asia in particular, where it could be able from immediately to develop consistent sales because of the high number of heavy gamers, that after the official launch of the first 3D viewers as Oculus Rift, Htc Vive and Samsun Gear VR […]

    3D viewers: battle among Oculus, Sony, Microsoft and Valve

    Just over 12 months ago Facebook bought Oculus VR (the company that develops 3D visors Oculus Rift) for 2 billion dollars promising a ever increasing spread of contents related to virtual reality, but to see in stores the first “retail” release of the 3D visor developed by Palmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe (which will be based […]

    8i, the startup which develops 3D volumetric videos

    Another step forward in the field of 3D movies for the virtual reality. 8i, New Zealander startup based in Wellington, had the revolutionary idea to change the perspective of the cameras: while those who have so far developed virtual reality 3D viewers followed the perspective of an observer, recreating everything that can stand around, 8i […]

    Space 360, cinema is becoming a VR 360 experience

    Space 360, opened in Gwangiu (South Korea) is the first spherical projection theater VR 360 worlwide. VR 360 will be the future of cinema?

    Ubisoft presents Star Trek Bridge Crew VR

    Star Trek Bridge Crew VR, Watch Dogs 2, For Honor, Tom Clancy’s Recon Wildlands and, of course, Assassin’s Creed, but this time the movie, not another chapter of the video games franchisee. Ubisoft conference at Los Angeles’ ’E3, the most important video games fair in the world, ended a few hors ago and it has […]

    VR revolution will start from the hands not from the eyes

    Despite the media hype about virtual reality (VR), many content creators hesitate to embark on the production of 360-degree videos and immersive video fearing a lack of demand from companies and retail consumers. The fear is correct because, even though analyzes such as those of Goldman Sachs or the great advertising effort of giants as […]

    Goldman Sachs shows virtual and augmented reality potential

    Goldman Sachs just realized a report regarding three possible scenarios for virtual reality and augmented reality and their consequences for business

    HTC Vive, pre-orders will start from February 29

    Virtual reality: many now know what it is, few have tried it for now, but 2016 could be a good year to spread this experience, on the one hand thanks to devices such as Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, on the other hands thanks to 3D viewers like those of Oculus VR and Valve, […]