World of Warcraft celebrates 15 years with a special event

World of Warcraft celebrates 15 years with a special event
Time flies: they have already been 15 years since the night of November 23, 2004, World of Warcraft was turned, with the opening of the gates of Azeroth, giving way to millions of players around the world to engage in an MMORPG fantasy-themed (to date over 5 million users are still active, about ten times Second Life users, to say).

World of Warcraft, the reasons for lasting success

World of Warcraft (WoW) fans have always liked the fact that from the very beginning it imposed choices: at the first login you have to choose which side you are on, Alliance or Horde, try to set up your own guild or join an existing guild, find the role in which you express yourself bestThe opposite, in short, of “your world, your imagination” conceived by Philip Rosedale for Second Life.

World of Warcraft 2019

To last so long WoW has taken advantage of cleverly drawn cues from successful games like Dungeons and Dragon, Raid, Quest and PvP, managing to evolve continuously as with the Challenge for the dungeons inFogs of Pandaria” or “Mythic + Dungeons”, but also cultivating a certain nostalgic taste for the good times”.

Blizzard Entertainmente celebrates 15 years of WoW

No wonder Blizzard Entertainment has now announced that to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the MMORPG from November 6th 2019 to January 8th 2020 (in Europe) it will be possible to play at a special event, “New Raids: Memories of Azerothwith which you can go back in time and relive the raids ofThe Burning Crusade”, “Wrath of the Lich King” and “Cataclysm”. Blizzard_EntertainmentIn each of these limited-time raids you will have to face three iconic bosses and they will be available in the Raid Finder wings” explains a note from Blizzard Entertainment. To enter the raid it will be necessary to have a minimum object level of 380: whoever manages to complete all three wings will receive the achievement Memories of Fel, Frost and Firewhich will give him the Obsidian Worldbreaker, a Black Dragonflight mount inspired by Deathwing.

But that’s not all: it will be possible to participate also in the Korrak’s revenge” and complete the  “Alterac Valley of old times”. Those who succeed will get one of two new mounts: the Stormpike Battle Ram (Alliance) or the Frostwolf Snarler (Horde).

Special anniversary gift

Last but not least: all players who log in to World or Warcraft during the special event period will receive anAnniversary gift” in the mail, which includes a Lil’ Nefarian battle pet, a Celebration Package that increases experience and reputation gains throughout the event, a reusable firework that can be used for the duration of the event, an item that teleports you to the “Caverns of Time” (usable only during the event), and other in-game goodies. If you are a fan of World of Warcraft or virtual worlds, what are you waiting for?

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