Are you a blogger and you like Second Life? Linden Lab has thought about you

Are you a blogger and you like Second Life? Linden Lab has thought about you

Are you a Second Life blogger that is looking to expand your reach to a wider audience? If so, then you’ll want to consider opting in to join the new Second Life Blogger Network (SLBN).

Linden Lab launches Second Life Blogger Network

In this way Linden Lab started a discussion on its own community ( the purpose of this new initiative is the promotion of high-quality, independent blog content to the Second Life community via high-visibility channels including the Second Life Community pages, social media channels and eventually the Official Second Life Viewer login page”.

Contents similar to those of

But what kind of content does Linden Lab want to promote? For example practical exercises, articles (and photos) of virtual fashion, news on the community, events and itineraries. Which are the same contents that has promoted for years to its readers. Why should a blogger join? Because the Second Life Blogger network aims to direct traffic directly to individual blogs through summaries and links to posts taken care of by selected bloggers.

Short summaries in community to direct traffic

The summaries must contain a short textual introduction that uses the opening sentences of the individual posts and if possible a related image from the post. “Readers will be directed to click through a link that directs them to your site to read the entire article or blog postLinden Lab further specifies. The initiative seems laudable, even if after a decade of Facebook and various social networks the formula of the forums and the redirection of traffic through them appears obsolete.

Check conditions and guidelines

If you are interested in participating anyway, check the terms and conditions you can do it on Terms & Conditions and on Content Guidelines, fill the submission form and, eventually, consider adding the Slbn badge to your site/blog. If you want more examples of which content can receive more satisfaction, follow the section Community News where already some bloggers write including Inara Pey (, Sasy Scarborough ( and Kess Crystal ( And good luck!

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