Holograms instead of animals at the circus

Holograms instead of animals at the circus

The circus shows have fascinated generations of young and old viewers. But over the years the growth of conscience, environmentalist and attentive to the living conditions of animals, is increasingly reducing the possibilities for modern circuses to include shows with animals in their billboard.

Circus Roncalli animal holograms

A solution could be the one adopted by the German Circus Roncalli, who decided to use holograms of animals instead of real elephants, tigers or lions. Funded in 1976 in Germany, Circus Roncalli was always attentive to the demands of the public and to the preservation of animals.

So in the 90s it was one of the first circuses to give up showing animals for their shows, proposing a poster made only of acrobatics and juggling. Today it returns to include the animals in its show, but just as 3D holograms and no longer in the form of real animals kept in captivity.

holograms Circus Roncalli

11 Optoma projectors to recreate elephants and horses

Using 11 laser projectors developed by the Chinese multinational Optoma (which is part of the Coretronic group), impressive holograms have been created that perfectly mimic the movements of animals such as great elephants, horses galloping in circles or giant fish floating in the air.

The novelty seems to have received a good rating, so much so that in 2018 Circus Roncalli (follow its page on Flickr if you like) has recorded over 600 thousand spectators and if it is not a record, little is missing.

Using the 11 laser projectors, strategically distributed along with a 32-meter pavilion, also makes it possible for all spectators to enjoy the show from every point of view. In this way, the enjoyment of the show improves compared to traditional methods. If you don’t believe it, watch the video below!

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