Ford also started to use virtual reality

Ford also started to use virtual reality

Workers at Ford have started to use virtual reality to be able to work in real time on designs with colleagues remotely.

Gravity Sketch, in collaboration with Ford, developed an intuitive and immersive 3D design tool. The tool is available on Oculus, Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Ford started to use Gravity Sketch tool

gravity sketch ford

Ford employees have just to wear headsets and use controllers to “draw, rotate, expand and compress a 3D sketch.” Thanks to a feature called Co-Creation designers around the world can work on and evaluate designs in real time, while being in different offices.

With Gravity Sketch there is no need for an initial 2D design process, so designers can work with a 3D model from the start. In an interview Michael Smith, design manager at Ford, said that the Co-Creation feature added “more voices to the conversation in a virtual environment, which results in more efficient design work that may help accelerate a vehicle program’s development.”

Ford employess are evaluating Gravity Sketch

gravity sketch ford bis

At the moment designers in five Ford studios around the world are experimenting with Gravity Sketch, looking at both “workflow feasibility” and capabilities relating to “real-time co-creation and collaboration.” As VR technology develops, many other companies are starting to use it across a wide range of industries.

Bmw, for example, use VR in training and qualification, planning of workstations at the assembly line, or quality control as Mondivirtuali already told you. Another technology giant, Rolls-Royce, uses HTC Vive equipment to give engineers virtual refresher training with’s biggest company engine, the Trent XWB.

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