100 thousand euros for a virtual Formula One car

100 thousand euros for a virtual Formula One car

An anomalous bidder (nickname “09E282”) apparently paid over $ 108,000 in Wrapped Ether cryptocurrency to win a virtual Formula One car. According to Etherscan data, this would be the winning bid for a four-day online auction closed last May 27th at 6.49 am universal time (if you want to verify follow this link).

100k euros for virtual Formula One car

About fifteen people would have participated in the auction, which would have presented forty offers to win a virtual car model “1-1-1” of the next F1 Delta Time video game, being developed by Animoca Brands, based on technology blockchain and sold with the official seal of approval of the company that controls the Formula One races.

It should be noted that F1 Delta Time does not plan to race with the “virtual” Formula One cars (technically non-fungible tokens based on the Erc-721 standard, that of the Ethereum), but is centered on the possession and sale of such cars as well as of other components and pilots.

Other fungible tokens based on the Erc-20 standard will be used as currency within the game, to pay the entry fees and to buy items like the “1-1-1”. Whose possession for some is a satisfaction for which it is worth offering the equivalent of over 100 thousand euros.

Blockchain formula one

The precedent of the CryptoKitties

The figure may seems crazy, but after the success obtained in 2017 by the CryptoKitties, that saw some players pay up to six figure figures in dollars to win a virtual pet, it is not impossible that some rich and bored player is ready to pay similar amounts for a virtual race car to be used in F1 Delta Time.

Axiom Zen (the startup that develops CryptoKitties) itself succeeded thanks to the “voices” created by these purchases to raise 15 million dollars in funding. Money came from venture capital funds such as Venrock, Google Ventures, SamsungNEXT and Andreessen Horowit last year.

Is it a marketing gimmick or a new rich market?

If then the F1 Delta Time auction is just a publicity stunt, if the transaction is a mistake, or if you find us at the beginning of a new “virtual” market even richer than Second Life, nobody seems able to say it, at the moment.

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