Red Dead Online finally Fully launches

Red Dead Online finally Fully launches

After countless hours of questionable labor practices, Red Dead Redemption 2 (of which already talked, ed) finally launched last year.

Though not without its problems, Rockstar’s gigantic open-world cowboy tragedy ended up being one of our favorite games of the most financially successful.

But arguably Red Dead Redempion 2’s most important feature, Red Dead Online (Rdo), didn’t roll out until a few weeks later. Grand Theft Auto makes obscene amounts of money from its online mode and Rdo is already growing at a faster pace.

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Red Dead Online is out of beta

Technically the online release has been in beta for the past few months, regularly adding new modes like battle royales and testing how many microtransactions players will tolerate.

The game will most likely receive updates for years to come. However, now Rockstar has officially decided that Red Dead Online is out of beta, it has officially launched, and players can reap all sorts of new rewards.

Players can take on new Land of Opportunities co-op missions, either taking out deadly gangs or playing as one to rob trains. If you don’t want to make the commitment you can play new Free Roam missions, hang out with story characters, or enjoy more laid-back activities like fishing and gardening and poker.

Choose how to play online

You can even adjust the hostility of the world itself, attack other players in Offensive mode or just enjoy the vast natural splendor in Defensive mode. You can see the most aggressive players and decide if you want to engage with or ignore them. And there’s a host of control tweaks.

To celebrate Red Dead Online leaving beta you can play the game on PlayStation 4 this week even without a PlayStation Plus subscription. You can look forward to even more updates including an upcoming class system letting you roleplay as a trader or bounty hunter or collector.

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