High Fidelity is the first social VR platform ready for Vive Focus Plus

High Fidelity is the first social VR platform ready for Vive Focus Plus

Last February, Htc Vive announced the launch by the end of second quarter 2019 of Vive Focus Plus, a standalone VR system for enterprise applications.

Last week, Philip Rosedale (formerly the “daddy” of Second Life) announced that High Fidelity is working with Vive to make its open source VR platform available to the Plus.

Philip Rosedale

First social VR app for Vive Focus Plus

As reported New World Notes (by Wagner James Au, aka Hamlet Au in Second LIfe), this should be the first social VR app announced for the new Vive’s system, which is already being used in enterprise-facing applications.

Two years ago, remembers Wagner James Au, High Fidelity was being used to to train students in oil and gas drilling at the University of North Dakota.

Vive Focus Plus

Great move for both Vive and High Fidelity

This sounds like a great move for both Vive and High Fidelity, since even if remain a lot of doubt about the VR potential as a mass market consumer product, many experts believe VR’s use for enterprise applications (like training or therapy) can be extremely powerful.

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