Check your Legos, you could find a treasure

Check your Legos, you could find a treasure

Collecting Lego has returned more than investments in large-cap stocks, bonds and gold over the three decades between 1987 and 2015. This is the results of a research conducted by Victoria Dobrynskaya and Julia Kishilova of the Russian School of Economics.

Online old Lego set go like hot cakes

Wait before you start smiling, thinking it’s a hoax: you may not know, but the old Lego sets are often re-sold online for many times their original price. In one extreme case, a Star Wars Darth Revan set sold in stores in 2014 for $ 3.99, was sold on eBay for $ 28.46 in 2015, with a 613% premium.

Lego, the toy of smart investors

In a report entitled “Lego – The Toy of Smart Investorsthe researcher analyzed 2,300 Lego sets sold between 1987 and 2015 to measure their performance over time, finding that the collections used for Hogwarts castles and Jedi starfighters beat large-cap US stocks and bonds, with an average return of 11% a year.

lego crowd

Size matters

“The smaller Lego sets (those with no more than 113 pieces, ed) could be rarer than the larger sets (containing up to 860 pieces, ed) produced in mass, although it is difficult to know for sure” explained Dobrynskaya. Furthermore, “the Lego sets do not show a significant correlation with financial crises and can be seen as an interesting investment with diversification potential”.

But absolutely which are the Legos that have achieved the greatest revaluation over the years? Lego sets focused on superheroes, Batman and Indiana Jones are among those that do best over the years, while The Simpsons are the only Lego theme that has lost value, on average losing 3.5%.

The popularity of Lego investments is growing

Even more, most recent sets seem to have higher yields than the older ones, although this may be due to  growing popularity of Lego investments, concluded Dobrynskaya. Who knows if among your Lego or your son there is not some rare piece that has re-evaluated in these years?

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