One million dollars for the streamer Ninja

One million dollars for the streamer Ninja

The battle between streaming gameplay platforms as Youtube (Google), Twitch (Amazon) and Mixer (Microsoft), rises in tone. Those are platforms, of which already talked to you, which are ready to share the rich market of video game enthusiasts, more and more interested in looking at the gameplays of other playe

One million dollars for the streamer Ninja

A confirmation comes from a news released by Reuters: the streamer Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, with over 13 million followers on Twitch, would have received a million dollars from Respawn (Electronic Arts) to promote the brand new battle royal free video game Apex Legends.

Blevins declined to comment on the news, which by the way testifies to how streaming can be a profitable business for some content creators. Electronic Arts instead confirmed that it was hired without providing the amount paid. “We wanted a launch day when you couldn’t escape Apex if you were interested in video games“.

stremer ninja

Streamers from all over the world for Apex Legend

Blevins was not the only streamer to have been hired, btw. We had streamers from all over the world, Europe, North America, Korea, Japan, to make sure that anyone noticed the game,” explained the Respawn spokesmen and the strategy seems to have worked. In one month since its launch, Apex Legends has exceeded 50 million players.

The success of Twitch and its most famous streamer is evident, so much so that more and more youtuber are facing the big step. These include some Italian historic names such as Capo Bastone, which became famous for its griefing videos in Minecraft on Yuotube.

Even Capo Bastone tries Apex Legends

Capo Bastone has already opened its own channel on Twitch for more than a year (while keeping the Youtube channel active) and, as it happens, has offered Apex Legends streamings in recent weeks.

Will we all convert to Twitch, as Capo Bastone suggests? Or will each platform find a business model that will allow the platform itself and its content creators to flourish, as happened with Second Life in recent years?

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