Dj Marshmello in concert on Fortnite

Dj Marshmello in concert on Fortnite

Dj Marshmello, aka Christopher Comstock, American disc jockey and musician, held a concert on Fortnite Battle Royale followed by over 8 million people. The event, born from the collaboration between Comstock and Epic Games which then dedicated a character to the disk jockey in the famous videogame, was held in Pleasant Park square on February 2, 2019.

Successful virtual concert

The news of the concert was then re-launched by the most important magazines worldwide. In addition to representing apeackattendance within Fortnite the concert also generated considerable publicity for Dj Marshmello.

Some songs of the artist, according to Billboard, saw an increase in streaming of the 24,000%. A success without a doubt, which is explained by the fact that the gaming industry in a few decades managed to overcome the musical one. Fortnite alone has a turnover of over 2.4 billion dollars, the world sector in 2018 has almost reached 135 billion in turnover.

Fortnite DJ Mashmello concert

The precedents on Second Life

Btw fans will remember as the first concert in a virtual world was that in the U2 of March 29, 2008 in Second Life. In 2011 swas born the Duran Duran Universe, land opened by users of the virtual world of Linden Lab fans of the English band and some members of the band itself. In particular the keyboard player Nick Rhodes would have started thinking about the Duran Duran Universe already in 2006.

Many musicians have performed performances liveover the years in Second Life and more recently, in Sansar. Among these, for example, the French singer and musician Mimi Carpenter or Italian EddieGuitar Dagger, aka Eddie Santillo.

Eddie Santillo concerto Second Life

Virtual concerts, will it be true glory?

So far btw the small numbers of Second Life and Sansar had prevented a wider affirmation of this form of distance entertainment: who knows if the far larger user base of Fortnite and video games in general will allowvirtual” concerts to get a final consecration?

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