Kingdom Hearts III: updates will introduce some videos including the Epilogue

Kingdom Hearts III: updates will introduce some videos including the Epilogue

The release of Kingdom Hearts III is getting closer (scheduled for January 29) and Square Enix, via Twitter, decided to unveil some information on the content of the Day One Patch.

Kingdom Hearts III, free patches coming soon

On January 29 a first free update will be available to bring the game to version 1.01. The patch, in addition to correcting some problems, will implement in the main menu the “Memory Archive” (video) that can be consulted at any time and will contain information on the general plot of the franchise.

On the 30th and 31st January, two other updates will be released to introduce two videos: Epilogue and Secret. You will be able to view the first only after completing the entire adventure, while the second will be available only to users who finish the game respecting certain requirements that will vary according to the level of difficulty selected.

Kingdom Hearts III, coming on January 29 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, promises an immersive gaming experience rich in content: in the various worlds, in fact, there will be no lack of things to do and between main missions, secondary assignments, fights, extra activities and mini-games, users will be spoiled for choice.

Kingdom Hearts III bundle PS4 special

PS4 in bundle and VR experience

We remind you that on January 29 a special Kingdom Hearts III bundle will also be available in all Gamestop stores. It will contain a PlayStation 4 Pro equipped with a 1TB hard disk, matte black, decorated with an intricate pattern representing the emblem of Kingdom Hearts. Dualshock 4 wireless controller will in glossy black with decorative patterns on the touch pad will complet the bundle.

Finally, since December 25th, owners of PlayStation VR have the opportunity to have fun with Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, an interactive video of about 10 minutes that traces the history of the franchise through video sequences and engaging music. The experience in virtual reality is distributed in a totally free way through PlayStation Store.

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