Piloting drones, the Enac regulation is about to change

Piloting drones, the Enac regulation is about to change

It is easy to say drones, but from the entry into force in Italy of the (UE) regulation 2018/1139 laying down common rules in the field of civil aviation, occurred on 11 September 2018, to carry out a professional activity with drones (legally defined Sapr, i.e Sistemi aeromobili a pilotaggio remoto, or Remote piloted aircraft systems) weighing more than 300 g and up to 25 kg it is now necessary to have a license”, i.e. a Remote pilot certificate (Rpc, in Italian Attestato di pilotaggio remoto, Apr).

Enac update Apr achievement mode 

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The problem in this regard is that the Italian sector authority is responsible for implementing European legislation (that we point out is fully in force), i.e. the Ente nazionale civile (Enac), has varied several times the ways in which this certificate can be obtained and in particular what concepts should be taught to future drone pilots and for how long.

At the time of writing this article, at least 16 hours of theoretical teaching are still required to obtain the basic pilot attestation, but soon according to some drafts circulated in December the theory hours could drop to 8, while for the critical certificate (ie the level above the basic level) it would pass from the current 12 hours to 6 hours of theoretical teaching.

Less hours of theory to reduce the costs of license

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The Enac proposal aims to lighten the cost for future drone drivers. Note that if you want to blow up a drone weighing more than 25 kg you do not need the Apr, but the Pilot license, also in this case obtainable by attending a course at an Enac authorized school.

It is good to remember that drones in general must never be driven more than 150 meters in height and 500 meters away from the pilot (but there are more restrictive limitations for airport areas and other critical areas), must always be insured and that thelicense” (Apr) it is valid only for sight flights or “extended view” flights, while in the case of a remote control flight, the pilot license must always be available and that in any case to pilot a drone professionally it is necessary to be adult.

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