A world increasingly crowded with dolls

A world increasingly crowded with dolls

Mondivirtuali.it has already talked about how what were once simple “inflatable dolls” are more and more sophisticated and realistic, like the RealDolls, which evolved into RealBotix.

Someone in Italy (in Turin to be precise) has decided to exploit this product to give life to recreational activities for adults, so to speak, with the brand Lumidolls, already present in Barcelona and Moscow, even if he had some administrative problems.

The Everard Kunion dolls

engineer and realdoll

I would not have thought, however, to find out that in England a 62-year-old bachelor engineer, Everard Kunion, had a family with nine of his wife, daughters and sister-in-law in silicone.

Kunion had fallen in love with a former schoolmate years ago, after 50 years of non-dating, ending up developing a real mania for the woman, in the meantime married to Mr. Taylor.

Eventually a court told it to keep a safe distance from the woman and Kunion was resigned to the idea of just staying in the company of his
family dolls”.

Kunion is not an isolated case

Deerman realdoll

That of Everard Kunion is not even a case so isolated: looking online I discovered that in America a man, “Deerman”, after losing his wife because of cancer and having found that the women he liked were not interested in him, after a few years ended up buying a doll similar to his wife, named Erica.

Or there is Phil, who has quit smoking for a year to be allowed (these dolls never cost less than 1,000 pounds / dollars) his Jessica doll. Phil realizes she’s a doll, but he just does not care what people think of his lifestyle choice.

In the end the cases that emerged were so numerous that a Dutch photographer, Benita Marcussen, decided to create a series of shots dedicated to Men and Dolls. But it’s not just men who like the company of an adult doll.

Dolls also for ladies

angela realdoll

Angela, for example, bought her first doll, Anna, in 2014 and has two spare faces for her friend, so she can change her look and personality according to circumstances.

It is said that the case of Angela is so rare, but in general the community of adult doll owners is very conservative and tends not to be known so it is impossible to say how many in the world, both men and women, have now as unique life companions one or more dolls.

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