Gameplay videos: a challenge between Youtube, Twitch and Mixer

Gameplay videos: a challenge between Youtube, Twitch and Mixer

If you are a fan of video games and you are under 25 years old, it is likely that you spend more time seeing other players play than the time you spend for playing. At least think so more and more companies that are attacking YouTube, once the undisputed realm of gameplay videos but for some time undermined by Twitch and not only.

Following Youtube and Twitch here is Mixer

Behind Youtube and Twitch stand two of the biggest US groups, i.e. Alphabet (parent company of Google) and Amazon. Now, however, the struggle to become the reference platform for video game fans and video gameplay streamers could get really hot, since sta a third formidable competitor like Microsoft (Xbox console producer among other things) is taking the field with the new streaming platform Mixer (not to mention the interest already shown by Facebook with Facebook Live).

Mixer can be enjoyed both through an Xbox and a device that uses Windows as an operating system and these days is launching a series of new options including a greater number of international currencies that can be used as a means of payment and different ways in which users can remunerate their favourite streamers”.

Mixer Microsoft

Microsoft focus on video gameplay

In an interview to Bloomberg Chad Gibson, Mixer general manager, explained that they “see game video as this huge medium”. According to Gibson, “the portion of game watching where they are not playing is much higher”, which explains Microsoft’s interest in investing in Mixer, which already today offers the possibility for multiple players to create streams simultaneously.

In addition there is a channel of Mixer, HypeZone, that uses artificial intelligence to scan matches of last-man-standing games, as ithe well known Fortnite, showing game final stages to thousands of viewers in streaming.


You spend more time watching than playing

Just 18 months after its release, Mixer attracts 20 million users a month. At the moment these kinds of platforms are drawing $500 million a year in ad revenue (with Twitch alone making up $300 million) according to Bloomberg which point out as Mixer at the moment is way behind, but the market is so small that they may have a chance to close the gap.

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