Animatronic puppet for Caparezza

Animatronic puppet for Caparezza

It has been the title track of Prisoner 709, the seventh album by the Italian rapper Caparezza. A very catchy song (better: “a bit too much radio, who cares until“), Ti Fa Stare Bene (literally: it makes you feel good), which obtained excellent feedback on Youtube with overe 32 million views a year after launch. This also thanks to a very nice video in which, among other things, you can see an animatronic puppet.

An animatronic for Caparezza

You got it right: an animated puppet like those in the video game Fnaf (Five Nights at Freddy’s) of which we have so often spoken to you. But, fortunately, of a very different nature from the latter. One of the most frequent questions also among the comments posted on the Youtube channel of the singer/songwriter of Molfetta concerns who made this puppet.

Luna's Puppets Caparezza

Let’s know Otto better

It is the Otto puppet produced by Luna’s Puppets in 17 color variations for the body (and 8 color variations for the animatronic eyes), at the base price of $ 280 without electronic components. With electronic components the price rises to $ 1,150 for thefull body” version, like the one used in the Caparezza video. Alternatiely you can buy for $ 1,080 the puppet with only the upper part of the body.

Very versatile animatronics

The American society created ten years ago by Kevin and Andrea Gorby produces all its puppets strictly by hand, over the years also used for Kia commercials, for many theatrical performances and for animation activities for children like KidzWorld.

animatronico ti fa stare bene

Many have already appreciated them

A list of satisfied customers that has now been enriched with a further prestigious name, that of the Italian rapper Caparezza. Who turned to Videoproject for the making of the video of  Ti Fa Stare Bene and to the direction of Fabrizio Conte (who with Morris Bragazzi also edited the screenplay for the video). Nicolò Lo Cicero (Vitaminaeci), who we owe the image of our cover, was the animator of Otto.

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