Bryn Oh orphans in Second Life

Bryn Oh orphans in Second Life

OMG, how long I have not been back in Second Life to visit a virtual artistic exhibition! his time the opportunity was offered to me by Bryn Oh (Canadian artist active in the Linden Lab virtual world

of whom talked about on several occasions) exhibition entitled “What the Orphans Sawhosted as always at Immersiva.

Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw

What the orphans saw

That the orphans of Bryn see are paintings, rides, unicorns fighting with clouds and cats and strange animals that look like a cross between giraffes and Salvador Dalì‘s elephants with very thin legs.

If you go to see the show, be careful: Bryn set the environment so that you are at twilight, with very little light available.

Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw little secrets

Darkness holds little secrets

Serve, this poor light, to encourage an orphans game of hide-and-seek, to make their presence and their secrets more intimate, to make their imagination fly outside the physical limits of the orphanage and their condition.

This at least is what I saw there, you go to see and tell me what feelings has caused you.

Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw little orphans

15 years of Second Life have not passed in vain

It is a pleasure to see that despite 15 years of activity and despite the hype for Second Life has died and buried long ago, Linden Lab’s platform is still a prolific environment in terms of the creativity of its most active users. So another 15 of these years, Second Life (and congratulations to Bryn Oh, as always).

Bryn Oh What the Orphans Saw the way

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