Fortnite, the secret of success is the mix

Fortnite, the secret of success is the mix

Fortnite, launched July 25, 2017 by Epic Games, is revealing a video game of extraordinary success. Most of its fortune resides in two points of strength.

First of all, to have known how to wisely mix elements of survival, sandbox and shooting games to create a new experience, moreover to have introduced a “stand alone” mode that you can download freely, the Battle Royale, that has allowed to reach unexpected picks of popularity, with over 45 million players online.

Fortnite thanks Battle Royale

Battle Royale, btw, is a really easy mode: after choosing whether to play alone, in pairs or in a team of four players, you are catapulted on an island where 100 players fight for survival.

You start from the“battle bus”, choose when you parachute on the island, run to get the weapons and start fight, paying attention to the storm that gradually concentrates in a random area causing damage to those who are trapped inside it.

Make the difference with other titles it’s the high speed of matchmaking, that allows you to play matches one after the other, without pauses or waiting times.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Mix of survival, sandbox and shooting

Fortnite, as we said, mixes elements of survival, sandbox e shooting games to create a new and peculiar game experience, where the player creates shelters, makes weapons and kill monsters, according to a well-chosen formula.

The game is divided into missions, which always start from an initial phase of exploration of the map to find resources and end with final phase where  you have to defend a goal from the assault of enemies.

Basically in Fortnite there is perhaps nothing really original, storyline is flat and while facing dozens of different quests fter a few hours you find yourself repeating the same mechanism a little too often.

Fortnite iOS

Fortnite, a successful hybrid

Yet it is a successful hybrid of elements drawn from other titles that fit well together, so video game enthusiasts have appreciated, decreeing the worldwide success for the Epic Games title.

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