Minecraft Story Mode season 2 on Switch

Minecraft Story Mode season 2 on Switch

Minecraft Story Mode season 2, new kid on the block

If you love Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure and have a Nintendo Switch, be aware. On the USK site i.e. the German institution which assesses video games inbound, has appeared a memo focused on “Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure Season Two” published by Telltale Games.

In the memo you can read that the games is a “classic adventure” kind, that is recommended for 6 years of age kids (the game is classified PEGI 7, i.e. with a minimum level of violence in a fantasy/cartoon style, like other famous games like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Kirby, Ratchet e Clank, Mega Man or some titles of Sonic the Hedgehog and of The Legend of Zelda) and that system is Nintendo Swtich.

minecraft story mode complete adventure 2

Telltate Games is silent about Switch release

Except Telltale Games never officiallty announced when also Minecraft Story Mode:second season would come, after the first season was ported on the Nintendo console in August 2017. Btw, according to Pcgames.de, waiting shouldn’t take too long.

This means that already in the next Summer you could be able to play the new adventures of Jessy and companies on your Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, you can practice with Minecraft Story Mode: The Complete Adventure first season, price from 5.99 euros, available for every platforms (or try the second season, price from 17.39 euros, on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Mobile).

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