Social networks, here are the emerging ones

Social networks, here are the emerging ones

The story, controversial, of the 50 million Facebook profiles data “stolen” by Cambridge Analytics, English company that for a long time has been working on the “big data” market and ended to be subject to great controversy for its role in the Donald Trump and Brexit campaigns, refocused attention, besides the problem of the real protection of the privacy in the socials network, also the question on what possible alternatives arethere to Facebook itself.

Is there life outside Facebook?

Said so, the answer seems to be obvious: if you are not satisfied anymore with services that Facebook offers you, you can always turn to some other  social media platform, like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, but also Flipboard, Pinterest, Tumblr, VK.

Beside these social networks have long been online communities like Flickr (now part of Verizon group) or Deviantart that continue to be engaged and full of interactions among consumers.

They are all big names, but nearby to them which are the “emerging” names, those that maybe like a lot to the boys, who instead are beginning to abandon Facebook and its more affirmed brothers? suggests you three, even if many others exist of them (for instance devoted to the practising sportsmen), to which can also comfortably login  from your smartphone through the respective apps.


Wattpad if you love to read or write

If you love to write and don’t want to waste time to take care of your own blog you can use Wattpad, Canadian platform already launched in 2006 where you can read and publish, even a chapter at a time, original stories (fanfictions) broken down by categories and genres.

To refect genre and sub-genre of the story, in the “story details” you can insert some tags, so to be found more easily by other platform users. Content creators can in addition characterise may typs of copywright between extremes “public knowledge” and “all rights reserved”; many publishers have already published and spread titles selected on Wattpad.

musically for music lovers

The launch of is much more recent: the Chinese platform (but they have and headquarter even in San Francisco) was launched in 2014 and it enables through an app to creare videos in playback, lasting from 15 seconds to 1 minute, adding then songs, sounds, filters and many different effects, if you like also changhing the speed of reproduction (you have 5 different options) or reversing video playback.

It is also possible to create micro-videos, basically animated Gifs with background music. Here too some music publishers (like Warner Music) started to follow the platform both to find new talents, both to to enhance the music of estabilshed performers like Kate Perry.


The catalogue for the new millenium

If you had the need, as happened some years ago to Sari and Mar Anabtawi, to have a digital online catalogue of your assets, you can use Snupps (originally acronym for Serial Number Universal Protection Protocol System), un app launched in 2012 whose social network connetcst people around assets they love.

Creatives and collectors are crazy about it, since they can show and take a look at from Fimo figurines to sandwiches and hamburgers from all over the world, from gadgets to comics, from video games to outfits, for each category of which you can not just search by tags, chat with other users of follow hundreds of groups, but also create your own “shelves” in which to insert the images of personal items you wanna share.

If we have enticed you, try to register to some of these social media, maybe looking for us. Anyhow, continue to follow, also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is on Flickr, on Pinterest, on on and also on Youtube too) and maybe subscribe our newsletter!

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