Tesla in the space or the olimpic drones: what has impressed you most?

Tesla in the space or the olimpic drones: what has impressed you most?

What has impressed you the most: to watch the SpaceX‘s Falcon Heavy launch that brought into space an electric bright red Tesla Roadster, or the dance of 1,218 Intel drones which in Pyeongchang‘s night carried out an incredible light show?

Amazing performances by Musk and Intel

The challange among Elon Musk amazing performance and the olimpic show performed by Intel it’s an amazing confirmation of innovatino and marketing capabilities of American firms and should be of some concern for any Italian (and European) politician, now involved in one of the most nasties electoral campaign of these last decades.

Maybe Italians could vote for the Starman, il the dummy dressed as an astronauts in the Tesla driver’s seat which is orbiting between the Earth and the Sun with David Bowie‘s “Life on Mars” as background music, before heading to asteroid belt (Mars, stated target of the launch, will be watched from the sidelines).

Innovation makes the world go round

Who knows if doing so they will be able to see a greater commitment to promote innovation, of which in this country you feel like a need so much desperately as much denied by those who only care about exploit until the very last remaining position rewards.

The only confort is that even these powerful American groups get something wrong, showing that there is always scope for improving.

Intel had to pre-recorder its light drones performance, cancelling the awaited live show because of logistic problems (and not because of severe weather condistions as they said, at first).

SpaceX splints the return, Intel doesn’t go live

For his own Musk saw the two Falcon Heavy’s booster landing upright at once, nearly simultaneously, as planned. But he also missed the target with core booster, fallen in Atlantic Ocean instead of landing on its platform (a drone barge).

So, come on Italian startuppers and enterpreneurs, why don’t you try to surprise the world, since there is and always will be scope to dream and do improve.

What do you say? You haven’t seen Intel’s light drones, nor the launch of Tesla into space because you were distracted by Sanremo music festival and football matches? You have the possibility to make it right: enjoy the videos you can find in this article.

Intel olimpic drones

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