Space 360, cinema is becoming a VR 360 experience

Space 360, cinema is becoming a VR 360 experience

The fact that virtual reality can bring a revolution even in the movie industry has long being known, that this revolution need adequate places, designed to let the audience enjoy an immersive VR 360 degree experience is the bet which took shapre in South Korea, by the Lucerium National Science Museum of Gwangju.

In South Korea cinema is getting spherical

Here was built Space 360, a spherical projection theater which is 12 meters in diameter able to accomodate up to 45 visitor at time, free to walk on the glass observation desk in the middle of the theater. It is a revolutionary experience, since it does not require the uncomfortable 3D viewers so far needed to view a VR 360 degree video.

Space 360

12 projectors for a VR 360 experience

At the moment Space 360 shows, created thanks to 12 projectos establishing a complete picture, last 15 minutes each and cover topics of historic significance such as the Big Bang, the origin of life, the birth of several human civilization or climate changes caused by overheating of the planet. But this can be just the beginning of a revolution which will change the way we will benefit of cinema content all over the world.

Behold Space 360 in this video

Space 360 is a permanent exhibition, all year round, opened in September 2017 thanks to the help of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (the sponsor) which donated to Space 360 the spherical projection theater (if you are curious about technical details, you can find them here).

To visit it you have to pay 3 thousand korean won (about 2.82 Us dollars or 2.27 euros) and if you are in Gwangju it’s worthwhile a trip to try: take a look at this FrontPictures video, if you don’t believe.

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