Minecraft ends 2017 hitting new records

Minecraft ends 2017 hitting new records

Minecraft is still grinding record-high numbers: according to Helen Chiang, General Manager of the franchise related to the virtual world created by Mojang (now part of Microsoft group) in December 2017 global sales of the vide ogame exceeded 144 million.

Minecraft: 74 million active users in December

Moreover, always in December, Minecraft exceeded 74 million active users, wich is the new all-time record for teh game, even if Chiang did not state the breakdown per platform (you can play Minecraft on almost every old or new consoles besides on tablets and smartphones).

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It’s the second best-selling video game ever

Being a sandbox game developed since 2009 (advance orders were accepted from June 13 of the same year) and sold since 2011 with a few significant changes implemented since then, they are quite impressive numbers, allowing Minecraft to securely retain the second ranking of the best-selling ever video games leaderboard.

Only Tetris outpaced Minecraft

In this leaderboard the “legendary” Tetris (170 million copies sold) ranking first, while for the third ranking the challange stay open between Gta 5, wiht about 85 million copies sold, and Wii Sports (just below 83 million). Way behind oll the others, with Super Mario Bros, the best known Nintendo‘s title just over 40 million copies sold.

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