Htc presents Vive Standalone, designed for China

Htc presents Vive Standalone, designed for China

After many rumors, Htc officially announced at ChinaJoy 2017 its first VR viewer designed for the Chinese market, Vive Standalone, which unlike Htc Vive VR that we are accustomed to knowing is not connected by cables to a computer and that will use Viveport as the official content platform. VivePort

A VR viewer for the Chinese market

The new visor doesn’t need a pc nor a smartphone to work ad will use Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 cpu for mobile virtual reality platforms already announced at the beginning of the year at Ces 2017 specifically developed to support VR/AR viewers as well as IP cameras, tablets, smartphones, portable Pcs and other mobile devices based on different operating systems like Android or Windows 10.

It is not the viewer announced last year

Please note that this viewer is not the one Htc announced in May 2016 at Google I/O 2016, so we have to wait for more news in the coming months. Htc viewers family seems therefore destined to expand rapidly and this could allow a significant increase in sales volumes, which in turn would make it possible a reduction in the selling price of the device, at the moment the most expensive on the market (around 877 euros/dollars). Vive Standalone

Prices will drop to boost sales

Exactly the high prices have so far curbed the diffusion of the VR viewers, even if the interest remains high; in the first quarter of the year, for instance, the best seller was Sony Playstation VR viewer with 375K units sold, followed by Htc Vive (95K) e Oculus Rift (64K). To try to revitalize its sales, Facebook a few months ago announced a discount of selling prices of both the viewer and the controllers (the combo kit now costs 708 euros).
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