Johannes Stotter, bodypainting master

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    Each artist creates his own virtual world, sometimes similar to reality sometimes totally fantastic, but rarely I saw artworks like those of Johannes Stotter, self-taught artist, musician and “body painter” from South Tyrol (Italy), bodypainting world champion in 2012, vice-world champion in 2011 and in 2014, Italian champion in 2011 and 2013, winner of several other awards including the North American Bodypainting Championship in Atlanta (Usa) in 2013 and the International Fine Art Bodypainting Award in 2014. johannes stotter leaves

    Animals figures created by painted bodies

    Why did Stotter’s artwork hit me? Because is fantastic his ability in recreating animal figures thanks to a multitude of painted human bodies (it’s famous his tropical frog created by 5 models, in 2013), reather then “natural” (litterally!) paintings and sculptures. Whether it may seem to you wolves, angel fishes, chameleons, frogs or parrots, those photographed and shotted by Stotter are always models whose body was painted by the artist so to recreate a perfect illusion, take a look to believe.

    The art of perfect camouflage

    But Stotter was also able to play with elements like stone, heart, wood, fruit, to camouflage his models in the surrounding environment, or in making them perfect, albeit virtual, anatomical machines as maybe just the anatomist Giuseppe Salerno was able to achieve, in a totally different way, for prince Raimondo di Sangro. So enjoy this movie and be prepared to remain astonished by what you will see, it’s whorthwhile!

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