Cinecittà World, VR attractions open

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    One of the most attractive areas for using virtual reality (VR) technology, as well as video games, seems to be entertainment and amusement parks in particular. Abroad, especialy in China, the idea to match virtual reality and attractions has been spreading for a few years now and investments are growing, while in Italy 2017 seems to be the key year.

    One of the first to offer a virtual reality experience to its guests is Cinecittà World, a themed park open every day from 11 am to 7 pm near Rome, that last June 17 officially opened 3 attractions, based on VR viewers and latest generation traking systems. VR labyrinth Cinecittà World

    VR labyrinth haunted by skeletons

    Particularly in the Far West area guests can now try the VR Labyrinth, a “virtual arcade” where you have to try try to get out of hand from a labyrinth haunted by skeletons. The harmless labyrinth with real walls, once the viewers are worn, turns into an insidious underground journey full of surprises, not all reassuring! War of the Worlds Cinecittà World

    Take part in the war of the worlds

    In the Cinecittà World area, instead, once the VR viewer is worn, you have to defend New York from an alyen attack the War of the Worlds style: grabbing a machine gun and throwing grenades guests will fight alien spaceships, threatening robots, UFOs and other hostile creatures trying to provoke the end of the world. Can you avoid it? msc meraviglia cinecittà world

    Water bombs challange on Msc Meraviglia

    Last but not least, in a few days it will open even a third attraction, dedicated to cruise lovers: thank to Msc Meraviglia between flying deck chairs and headshots that really bathe you will be able to virtually challange your friends with strokes of water bombs on the deck of a cruise ship faithfully reproduced between the two theaters of the Adventure Land area.

    If you want to know more about it, here is a short introductory video.

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