Alice, from Second Life to

Alice, from Second Life to

Having years’ professional experience gained with social media platform like Second Life, Alice Cittone (aka Alice Mastroianni) decided to capitalise on her professional experience to launch an app,, developed in 2015 in collaboration with Irish software house AddWare Europe Ltd, which has both developers both project managers involved in the growth of European projects on a daily basis. appNot enough prevention and dental hygiene

As explain to Alice Cittone, “stems from my personal experience, for 14 years, as  dental hygienist and from all I saw and I still see. I realized that everyone has a smartphone, but tends to skimp on prevention and dental hygien. Yet studies and research increasingly demonstrates that working for dental prevention preserves our body from serious risks as heart attak, abortion and surgical failure, or at least it decreases the risks”.

50% of population – goes on Alice – got the so called “periodontal disease” or periodontitis, which tipically threatens 30 to 40 years old people, i.e. those more involved into social networks, with smartphones. So was born idea of app, a tool that you can leave to your patients to improve compliance at home. A programme helping with some reminders and that reveals relevant informations also relating to sex, piercing, make-up and more. Plus an area where to find a dental hygienist near you”. databaseThe fist dental hygienist pubblic database

Connected to all this there is a network for dental hygienists only where you can register to be in the database, since in Italy there are less than 10 thousand dental hygienists, “but no one knows who we are”, point out Alice, underling as the one linked to is “the first public Italian dental hygienistd atabase: public, free, apolitical and unconstrained”.

Participants in network may use services as the connection to Sipmo (Società italiana di patologi e medici orali, i.e. Italian oral pathologysts and doctors company) oral pathologysts for the project to mouth cancer ongoing prevention, or replacement serch service for illness, parenthood, study and more. Finally, we triggered a few days ago an insurance convention to provide a professional insurance and legal protection service”., a broad target market

The potential target market for is 38% Italia population, i.e. those people who get prevention and dental hygiene regularly, “or, maybe, we should say 29%, since not all this 38% know our professional”, Alice adds, “although it is among the jobs that provide more certain in Italy to date. Indeed, all dental hygienists find a job a month after graduation, with a turnover ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 euros per year”.

Interesting market niches for the app are both dental hygienitst patients both passionates about fashion, concludes Alice. Alice and AddWare Europe ambitions are to get to grow up, starting to engage dental sector companies both to allow a better communication with dental hygienists both to develop the app making it even more useful. Soon, finally, a partnership with Bolzano University will start following a dissertation devoted to (you can find more informations on Alice’s blog).

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