Melusina Parkin, a world of details

Melusina Parkin, a world of details

Melusina Parkin get back to exhibt in Second Life some of its shots, at Time Portal, with A World of Details exhibition. I’ve known Melusina Parkin for many years in Second Life, since she was the general manager of the virtual fashion brand MEB Fashion. World of details by Melusina ParkinWorld of details by Melusina Parkin

Melusina Parking, art photos and furniture

Melusina always had a good taste, a passion for details, for furniture (she is also the owner of MeluDeco), for art photography. She can capture and recreate the very best of what she sees in Linden Lab‘s virtual world no less than draw lesson from real world, especially regarding art decò style of the beginning of twentieth century. World of details by Melusina Parkin

Time Portal’s exhibition

I found since the beginning her landing on Time Portal a “natural” choice for Melusina, who unfortunately, like all of us, has less and less time to devote to virtual worlds and the art of photography due to her busy schedule in real life.
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Go and see the exhibition is definetly a good idea both for graphic art both for virtual worlds fans for that too, so just push the “teleport” button below and have a nice trip, with a hint of imagination too. For all of you, meanwhile, a sneak peek thanks to the gallery that you can see above. Have fun!



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