AR will find its way into the new Apple iPhone

AR will find its way into the new Apple iPhone

Sentence to grow so to avoid to be climbed over by its rivals? Many financial analists suspect this is one of the reason why Apple, whose stock prices hit recently a new record high at Wall Street over 141 dollars, keeps on investing in new technologies which pparently have little to do with smartphones, music players and computers.

Apple drawn to augmented reality

Apple, which have a 735 billion dollars market cap, has to deal with Alphabet (parent company of Google), 592 billion $ market cap, the “oldMicrosoft, which still stands over 500 billion $, and Facebook close to 404 billion $ market cap, all of them busy to invest billion of dollars in acquisition and research and development of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) technology.

For Apple augmented reality especially is a potential hazard: according to analysts smartphones within the next few years will widely integrate such technology and those which didn’t succeed in doing it would risk of getting cut from a market which, as Mondivirtuali already told you is estimed to be worth up to 80 billion dollars a year within 2024.

Apple iPhone and augmented realityAR features with the new iPhone

This way, for Tim Cook, since 2011 Apple Ceo, the path seems to be just one: adding augmented reality features (such as the integration with the Apple 3D maps, demos of which have been being seen for four years now) already with the new iPhone, so to quickly build a mass market and improve customers loalty to Apple’s ecosystem, waiting to develop “ad hoc” gadgets like the Google Glasses.

According to sources cited by Bloomberg, Apple already built up a team of its hardware and software veterans and talented outsiders with previously experiences with Oculus Rift and HoloLens, after the acquisitions of many startups with knowledge of AR hardware, 3D gaming and virtual reality software over recent months.

Tim Cook has more doubts on VR

About VR, Tim Cook last year seemed quite sceptic, affirming to believe that, at the end, a few people will want to be “enclosed in something”, but you never know. What do you think about? Please leave a comment and if you like share this article, you will help us to cover always better the items you prefer!

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